Kavis and Tillman kissin again

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced Monday that the football club has acquired international defensive back Khalid Wooten, and fifth (38th overall) and sixth (47th overall) round picks in the 2017 CFL Draft from the Montreal Alouettes in exchange for international running back Cierre Wood, international defensive end Denzell Perine, and fifth (39th overall) and sixth (48th overall) round picks in the 2017 CFL Draft.

Les Alouettes ont un surplus de demis défensifs, aussi je comprends qu'ils puissent vouloir en transiger, mais si aucun des joueurs obtenus ne réussit à demeurer sur l'équipe, c'est échange aura été totalement inutile. Je commence à sentir un peu trop la tendance de Mack et Taman dans les dernières transactions.

Im not sure why we should be trading for players like Wood and Perine, shouldnt we be able to recruit guys like that ourselves? But I guess you can say the same thing about the Cats and Wooten. By the way, for our Hamilton friends listening in, FWIW I believe Davis and Wooten are much better DBs than Dominique Ellis.

I know Mr. Wetenhall is a big fan of Notre Dame, so perhaps the trade for Cierre Wood was done to win Kavis some brownie points with the boss. :smiley:

Khalid Wooten has been released by the Tiger Cats. I thought he had played well in his 2 games with the Als last season, but now 2 teams think otherwise I guess.