Kavell Connor??

I am also curious about MLB Kavell Connor. I heard some great things about him and I would have liked to see some depth at middle linebacker this year. I don't know about Junior Sylvestre so other then Larry Dean do we have anyone else that really stands out as a middle linebacker. I think some of the other linebackers are too small to play middle linebacker and kavell Connor should get another shot because we need more depth there.

God forbid if Larry Dean gets hurt for a game or two or even worse.

They must have liked the potential of Wacha, who spent a month on the PR, better than Connor, who finished '17 on the PR and wasn't re-signed.

Austin would typically develop a Canadian MLB behind the starting American. Lets see if his role as consultant, and Orlando's return also, will influence that to continue.

If they continue this trend, then Davis is the guy for sure.