Katz resigns as Tabbies GM

McMahon should drop by in about an hour or so to announce this. But he won't hold it from TSN nor Sportsnet. He will know this from a very reliable source that will have told him exactly what TSN and Sportsnet already know.

Thanks jm, I haven't heard the name before.

Comming from a succesful organization might help. Maybe he has learned some tricks from Mathews!

See threads on ticats.ca

Desjardins has been ast GM with Als for last 5 yrs. He is also a Burlington native and has worked in League's Head Office.

The bad news for Montreal - and good news for Hamilton - is Desjardins probably has the complete list of players Jim Popp has under his lenses...

However, those guys usually are young players in the making, so they could not help Hamilton right away. Well, not as much as this team needs.

A nice move by Hamilton, as now Katz can concentrate on his specialty–marketing and other front office work. Desjardins’ opportunity was long coming; he’s someone who has a great understanding of football personnel and he’s spent a long time understudying with one of the masters.

it would be great if he can start off by signing Jesse Lumsden who has just be cut by the Skins.

Now go get some dam receivers! Wow those guys are pathetic!

HAMILTON did get a great new G.M. born in the HAMILTON area and the ALS.

Way to go HAMILTON!