Katz resigns as Tabbies GM

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/article.jsp?content=20060829_094551_568]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/ar ... 094551_568[/url]

HAMILTON (CP) -- Tiger-Cats chief operating officer Rob Katz has found a general manager for the CFL team and is stepping down as interim GM, according to CHML.

The Tiger-Cats called a news conference for 11:30 a.m. ET Tuesday to make a "major announcement."

The 2-9 team fired offensive co-ordinator Joe Paopao and offensive line coach Kani Kauahi on Monday.

Katz took over as GM in August 2005, shuffling Ron Lancaster to senior director of football operations.

Lancaster became interim head coach earlier this season after firing Greg Marshall.

Lancaster, offensive assistant Perry Marchese and player-personnel director Craig Smith will handle the offence leading up to the club's traditional Labour Day showdown against the Toronto Argonauts on Monday.

Holy midseason House Cleaning Batman.


No kidding, StatiK. This team won't be recognizable if they keep it up, but then again, maybe that's not such a bad thing this season.....

Yup, one difference between a true "minor" league and a "major" league, in a minor league you lose, no td in 3 home games, and nothing like this would happen as no incentive to really turn things around for ticket sales and showing the fans you would be complacent.
The only proper major league thing for the Cats to do at this time in my opinion.

Indeed .. I see where you are coming from Earl .. But, really, is Lancaster Sr the guy you want to build around? I'm serious .. if Jr. comes to Hamilton it'll be even worse!


They are not building a team around Ronnie, he is just interim as well noted on the Cats' site.

Ti-cats fans are saying the new gm will be Neil Lumsden.

MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: neil lumsden.

yes, ok, 'building around' was not the best terminology I could have used. I guess I mean, of all the people to keep around - Why Lancaster Sr? I'd say he's just as equally detrimental to the team, if not worse; In my honest opinion.


it will not be Lumsden...there is no breaking news regarding him.

hey...i said 'MAJOR BREAKING NEWS', so it must be true, ok....dont question it, dont ask for a link, and dont ask for proof.

Not quite, drumkit....you forgot about the anonymous sources....no one will believe you without anonymous sources.....

oops...i forgot that i spoke to a source at IWS today, and he said it was lumsden.

I agree. Trouble is this team wasn't getting the job done with the "Old guard"

Lancaster Sr is a dinasaur... He should go. Perhaps the new GM will make the coaching change after he is appointed.

Statik is correct...YOU DON'T WANT LANCASTER JUNIOR!!!!!!!!

just named.....Marcel Desjardins.....

aka, neil lumsden....lol


Okay, pardon my lack of knowledge,

Who is he?
Does he have a football back ground?

jm...you wouldn't pull an old geezer's chain would ya?

Wouldn't yank your chain, Sporty.....Desjardins was in the Alouettes' organization. He comes from a successful team. This could be good for the Tabbies.