Kate Beirness named new host of CFL on TSN

Ford is on my approved list, as are Smith & Suitor. Suitors ability to instantly analyze a play is amazing. He can tell you why a play did or didn't work in seconds.


I think Black has finally sorted out the difference between auspicious & inauspicious. Took him a while to get it right.

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Sounds like they demoted him, sending him to the IIHH Women's? will anyone besides family and friends be watching it?

For me, the telling and amusing part of this move is that it sets up great return and comeback if you will after the season has started.

Now I await more eagerly the return of Rod Black, which for all the right and wrong reasons will add mystique and another narrative to what could be otherwise an ordinary game on the schedule.

Then here I get to read again all the new comments about Rod Black too, which for years now has been its own treat and part of the entertainment package that is the CFL.

What's not to like!? Don't answer that just yet now those of you who don't like him - accumulate your firepower for his return!

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Agreed Orlesky is much more professional and not as toothy & phony as Bierness. Hopefully Buerness will have cleaned up her syrupy act before the season starts.


Your right! Rod & TSN can get pretty annoying when they get yapping about something that has nothing to do with the game at hand. They're third quarter interviews with celebrities while the game is going on could be canned as well. I have seen them miss a lot of great playing on the field while they are talking to an Olympic rower about the temperature of the water.


Quoted first post totally stinks

Hey wait, in this seemingly undying off-season, isn't there another thread even about that?

LOL, But there's lots of us out there with the same opinion. She can be pretty sickening!

Apparently you didnt read or understand Sully's post

Kate is bright, cheerful, and enthusiastic. She treats sports reporting like it’s a game, designed to entertain and be fun. And the bloopers shows don’t show anybody in a good light, including ‘Dutch’.

My biggest hope is that she can rein in Milt and Matt. Always liked that about Shultzy, when Matt and Jock used to pontificate a tad too much. And the first host was excellent, Duthy was It?

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Is ESPN broadcasting games for those of us south the border?

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If TSN wanted to make seismic changes. TSN should've went after Tim Micallef and Adnan Verk to target the young male demographics.

This move is a lateral cost saving movement. Beirness alone won't move the needle on viewership of the panel.

TSN needs a betting show for CFL lines and odds to gain more viewers. Either a pre-game, weekly or a segment in the CFL on TSN pre-game show


So I skipped most comments here lol and about halfway through noticed there was an obvious troll appearance lol. Assuming it's anti woman :roll_eyes: Kate's paid her dues she's gonna be great. We're trying to have a community of fans here, don't need trolls. Go back to YouTube eh :joy:

Yes there's another thread about that and it's a good one too:

Can you honestly see Tim leave Sportsnet though? Unless he's fired (he won't be) I can't see him going anywhere else.

Throw a big contract at him. he'll leave Rogers. His sidekick Sid has moved on, he should too

Yeah I’m a big Sara Orlesky fan, very professional on the sidelines. I thought they would raise her profile a bit, maybe do some play by play. Having said that Kate’s personality is probably better suited for the panel and keeping some of the big ego ex- jock types in line.


Fixed it for you.
Marshall Ferguson to do some one PXP

Rookies trying out would be assigned the worst projected worst team which this year is the Redblacks.

Rod Black.....yeesh!!!