Karsten Bailey??? oh... my... GOD!!!!

Welcome Back Karsten Bailey! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

You have arrived in Joke town!

Say it aint so, he better not be back, please tell me this is a sick joke.

nope sorry no joke

This makes no sense to me. Rider fans everywhere were calling for changes to be made, they were calling for competition for the veterans who weren't getting the job done. The Riders bring in another WR to push some of the current starters and we're "freaking out". Karsten is a pretty good football player, he's got some speed. I'm glad the Riders are showing some life.

Yah changes to be made for the good of the club, we have receivers that are quite capable of playing and yet to get a real chance, Breeden and Lewis and we bring this plug that didnt have the heart to try on half the plays last year, watch him walk right back into the starting lineup and we will send breeden back down after no real shot at all, what kind of life is that???

Sorry not Lewis, Kareem Kelly.

They brought him back? Holy Hell. Why?

WTF? That guy can't play worth shi*t! He has got to be the Warren Jones of WRs. My dead grandmother could play better than that dingis! :frowning: :lol: :twisted: :cry:

I don't know whether to laugh :lol: or cry! :cry: That's it, it's official Kent Austin is on crack! :twisted:

i think its more official that you are on crack. this happened in August!!!! way before Austin was coach. And while I have no idea if he has been officially cut, I highly doubt he will be in the green and white next year

who brought this up again?!!?...

cflisthebest, sorry but I do not believe you. I want proof. I just went to the Rider's website and he is not listed anywhere on a roster. I think that the roster is up to date as it has Flick and Smith on it. I think that you are just trying to terrify everyone that Karsten will be back. He was a lazy reciever who was released for a reason. True, he was VERY fast but he was even more lazy so always palyed for the interference call as opposed to busting his butt and actually trying to catch the ball.

Sorry, Just looked at the original post date..

Pfffft! Argo fans could've told you that the past couple of seasons. :lol:

theres no official release, are you sure he's back???

This is just a tip... When reading a post always check the date it was written... This thread is ridiculously old and its also false... When you are on these boards not everythign is true, trust me...

welcome to the boards tho!

Thanks, I enoy being here since I got kicked out of www.riderfans.com.