Karma's a bitch baby!

Its time to win one fo Gargiulo.

I would have to agree this is it baby. all or nothing.

Its going to be like McManus to Flutie all over again. This time it'll be Pierce to Simon with a big fat superman pose to send all the fans home unhappy.

....Simon won't have to put cologne on before the game...Browner's will be all over him...

I was wondering what that smell was coming from the Stamps bench...now I know......

8) :lol:

...that doesn't even make sense...it rates 1.5 out of ten...which, coincidently, is what your DBs will rate against our receiver core....

I guess you're just a little slow...like your receivers...


Yes those slow receivers put on a clinic not once but three times this season.

Yup, and this time it'll be the Leos turn to put on the clinic.


LOL the foot in mouth clinic. I see Murphy has plans after the game in his mind you guys have won it already. I just hope that attitude catches on in the locker room. LOl.

The pussycats better come to play, JoJuan and the boys will be ready.

The Stamps own the pussycats in 08'.