Karma, baby!

Looks like the football gods are smiting the Riders with injuries this year. Maybe its karma for Eric Tillman's potty mouth in the media last year and his spend happy player's salary? Maybe the gods are smiting the Riders for all the big calls that have gone in their favour this year. Or maybe... just maybe, its karma time for all of the dumb, drunk streakers that always have to run out onto the field during a game.

Either way... down goes another Rider to the smiteful wrath of the football gods.

Not to many take pleasure in seeing players injured. Apparently Swervin does.

Grasping at straws, Mr. Troll? The fact is despite losing Durant and Fantuz, the Riders WON THE GAME!!! You seem to be jealous of the fact that Saskatchewan is on top and BC is a loss or two away from being in the basement. The thing is, the Riders had the people who could go in an execute the game plan that was put into place. You don’t hear us saying “we are winning with our 3rd string QB”, or “we are winning despite our injuries”, like certain other posters were doing last year. Injuries are just a fact of life in any sport, its how you deal with them when they occur during a course of a season. If the Riders lose, its because they played poorly, if they win is because they played well–no matter WHO is in the lineup!

...5-0, yup, looks like Karma is giving it to the riders real hard...I see Logic is still on vacation out on the left coast huh?...

I was wrong on my first post, the Lions are in last, because they are 0-2 within their own division... a loss to the Riders and a loss to the Stamps... now I would say that is karma.. for having a (**** ***)coach, and a player getting off scott free for deliberately injuring another player.. how about those apples Mervin?... :rockin:

Cheering for injuries is something no fan would do.

Your a BC Lion fan correct Swervin? Just getting it right for Karma's sake

Holy cow. If this is Karma, bring it on. If the only way to have a perfect season is to lose two players a game, then as much as I like the team and don't want anyone hurt, I hope Karma continues. We would wind up with 42 guys on the injured list but we would have a Grey Cup. Imagine how much the rings would cost. :slight_smile:

I’m not cheering for injuries. I’m not sitting around the TV hoping on every play someone from the Riders breaks their leg. You’re sick to even think that way.

I’m just making a point that the team that with the yappiest GM and the least humble fans in the league are getting a little KARMA!!!

...you're running a bit low on whitewash there, might want to fill yer bucket up some...

Stamps got their Karma real good for their endzone antics already...pardner.

...probably still paying for those days in fact....

Cheering for injuries is something no fan would do.
I'm not cheering for injuries. I'm not sitting around the TV hoping on every play someone from the Riders breaks their leg. You're sick to even think that way.

I'm just making a point that the team that with the yappiest GM and the least humble fans in the league are getting a little KARMA!!!

If your not Man enough to take the heat for your comments - don't make them. Another bucket of white wash indeed

Hey now Nyquil... if Sherko Haji-Rasouli went outside tomorrow and got struck by lightening and then run over by a bus, I'd say it was Karma.

No different than over zealous Riders fans having to watch their soliders being dragged off the field on stretchers.

What goes around, comes around.

What is your problem man? Its always Tillman this or that. Riders this or that. For 2 years. Did someone in green shirt steal your girlfriend? Grow up.

2 years ago Tillman was hired by Hobson. This is what has happened in 2 years.

Inherited team with good players. And bad coach. Had not finished 1st or 2nd in almost 20 years.

Fired Barrett. Hired Austin. Many people on here said man was fool to hire Austin. Fired in Toronto.

2006 Riders from Shivers and Barrett were over cap by 1 million. That has been in the paper 50 times. And on TSN. Riders win 2007 Grey Cup and finish 50,000 over cap. In Saskatchewan we can add. That means Tillman didnt spend happy. Your words. He cut salaries. Like 7 or 800,000.

Trades Joseph over wanting more money and cap. Doesnt bring back Hunt or Perry. Called fool again. Riders start 5 and 0.

You say Tillmans potty mouth in the media is karma. Tell us please Mervin. Was he right about the Lions line? Murphy? How many penalties does Murphy have? Has he been kicked out of games? Haji Rasoola? Kicked out of Riders game for playing dirty. Remember that? How about Jiminez? Ask Calgary fans. Or any CFL fans.

Most Riders respect Buono. Great job he has done in BC. Respected Ackles. All man did for CFL. Maybe it is time for Mervin to show some respect for the Riders. Grey Cup champions. And 5 and 0 in 2008. Best record in CFL.

Hey Austin if you're going to get all bent out of shape... don't read my posts dude. I should take back the Tillman comment because he got some last season but because I know much it works you up, I won't.

Go worry about the Lions. Riders are defending champs. And undefeated.

Saying injuries like Fantuz are karma. That is no class.

If I had said it was karma to Fantuz, that would have been classless. Fantuz did no wrong to anyone.

Karma to the fans calssless? I beg to differ. And I bet there are a whole bunch of other football fans across the country who are tired of the 'in your face' Riders fans would quietly agree with me.

Swervin, I wonder: were you at all reading (and participating in) these boards last year? I may not see things completely objectively, but I am not sure that the worst rider fans here are worse than the worst Lions fans last year. If rider fans are acting like some (not all) of the lions fans in the same boat last year (GC champions and starting the following season off pretty well), I would quickly dissassociate myself with them. I would prefer humility and thankfulness over gloating and cockiness in all cases but the karma for some bc fans might be that they are getting what they gave. In my view, Riders fans should learn from BC fans' mistakes of last year (you amongt them)because, as one BC fan in this thread already said, alot of good a good start did them last year. Maybe this is actually the BC fans' karma playing out.

Anyways, personally, I'm pleased that the Riders are doing so well right off (it doesn't happen often and we aren't used to it), especially with the adversity they have faced, but it can come crashing down later, if not sooner. Until then, I remain quietly happy.

Wasnt Tillman the GM of the Lions at one time? Was he "mouthy" then, or only since being the Rider GM... Just wondering.

haha now, im an eskies fan but CONGRATS to the Riders, the only real powerhouse franchise team this year, winning with 3rd String QB, many injuries,
now thats a team full of depth, Congrats Rider Nation, but look out fer the Eskies =P
u might just kill our disgusting defense hahaha