is there any news of anyone negotiating deals with rich kairkari cuz its been a week since the nfl deal thingy been going on

I don't know we should get word about it anytime.

I agree, Karikari should be our number one priority because I believe that with a good secondary, we will be championship contenders this year. Our secondary was the CFLs biggest joke last year.

We could sure use Levingston too.

If we can add those two guys, I really like our chances this year - I just picked up season tickets for this year :smiley:

signing Karikari and some reciever who could do some KR if we needed it is what we should do. that way we wouldn't have levingstons big contract on our hands if AJIII is better at KR, but have backup if AJIII knee gives.

...I would like to see us sign...R,Karikari.....Levingston....and Thurmon....then look out.....we would be back into SERIOUS contention... :smiley:

totally agree...those 3 would look great in bkue and gold...i smell at least a 7 win season :smiley:

i love to see that optimism!!!

harikari, levingston and thurmon, would seriously make people take notice, if Taman could ink them......

The news on Karikari from the montreal gazette is Karikari is done with the NFL but he is giving the als the first chance to sign him before he considers other offers and his agent is currently in talks with Jim Popp

damn. We might be screwed guys…

Not true, just because he goes back to the Als dones't mean that he'll like what they have plans to do or what they are offering him. Anything is possible.

...apparently Sanchez.....is damaged goods... according to the Als.... lol lol.... Esks. TRIED TO STIFF THEM... and.if Sanchez dosen't pan out and is as injured as reported ....look for Popp to through a bunch of cash at Karikari.....he may get to expensive....but then..... like Simpson...he says its not all about money...we'll see ...I think we still have a shot at signing him... :roll:

Popp has been very vocal in saying how much he wants to keep Karikari. Hes repeatedly said stuff like "I didnt spend 3 years developing him only to see him play on another team" and when asked about karikari hes said "Im not sure why he would want to leave a team where he is a starter". Unless the negotiations go horribly awry he will stay an alouette

well, I dont think tanman well offer him enough cash.

…I guess we will know on Monday…or before… if the Bombers made a good enough contract offer…Karikaris’ agent says its a good one…and he spent a long time talking with Taman…IF… the Als don’t come up with the ‘moola’…they can say goodbye to Karikari…and we can look forward to another awesome signing…GO BigBlue… :wink:

hopefully they dont come up with the money.

If its a question of money youll probably get him. Popp does not usually get into bidding wars. If a player wants to be an alouette Popp will get him signed but if a guy is jsut interested in playing games and getting money he's not gonna succeed at blackmailing Popp

...thats why you ended up with Ricky Bell,,,,,we don't play those games either... :wink:

No one was competing with us for Bell obviously there will be some greedy players but if he decides to become a free agent when his contract his done Popp has no problems parting ways with a guy if he brings up what other teams are offering him

...maybe you missed it last year mada....but Bell tried holding out on the Bombers ,,,by not showing up to camp.....he then wanted his contract renogitiated...and wouldn't report until it was... ....Taman basically told him to go to hell...and so he sat out the year....apparently he pulled the same thing with the Rens. when he played there....he's a real beauty...( i say with sarcasm) I don't care for players with that kind of attitude....maybe you'll have better luck with him....even if you have signed him to a long contract....dosen't seem to matter too much with this guy... :roll: