Karikari used bombers?

78% isn't a definite commitment to me, that would be 100%.

Where were you many people were down on Hervey and the Eskimos and Ottawa? The truth hurt your feelings!

Wrong that is what bargining is you have leverage and the Bombers were leverage. You have to come out of the dark ages there my friend!

What about the 22% of not signing and I guess that came into play? Really there is no issue the agent bargined between the two teams and got what he wanted for his client.

....well I hope red.....when a free agent in the future pulls this crap on you....and it is possible....I don't want to hear any whimpering coming out of cowtown....because no matter what the commitment was....extensive or not... there will be no issue.....comprehenda ... :wink:

You know Pappa that is the difference between Stamp fans and you. When the Eskies took our rookie Offensive lineman off our practise roster we said nothing. When the Stamps last year took Wimprine off the Eskies roster we heard what nothing. Besides if a guy does not 78% sign with us why would we be upset. Barker finds many good players unlike your buddy and loser Taman.

.............fair enough........

Sounds like footballs version of the Lindros family.

...sure is getting the Bombers a lot of press....even if they didn't get the player...lol...time to move on.. :arrow:

Those poor Bombers, once again playing the victim. Now that Dave Ritchie isn't there to accuse the officials of conspiring against him, Taman has begun accusing players, agents -- and in fact the very nature of free agency -- of jerking him around.

Every team has at some time or another been in a bidding war for a free agent and lost. That's part of the game. Rather than sulking, he should pull up his skivvies and go out and get someone else.

I think you'd have a hard time convincing the CFL to investigate this. The only way to do anything about it is to revoke free agency from the collective bargaining agreement. I think the CFLPA would have something to say about that.

...well let me give you this scenario..BigDave.....Ranek has signed on with you guys....but now decides he is gonna pull a Flory....see ya later...I'd rarther play with the ALS....how do you think that would sit with Hamilton fans....there has to be a line drawn somewhere in free agency that has to have some credibilty and professionalism surrounding it ...or it looks bogus...I will agree the free movement of players should not be restricted in the free market system...but there should be better rules governing same...what those are ..should be up to the league office....as well as the players association...to decide...it needs reviewing.. :idea:...Bombers will go on... but.saying nothing about the Karikari situation just invites more of the same bologne... :!:

What karikari did was not against any rules and it would be hard to make any rule that would prevent what karikari did without it being unfair to the players.

If I understand what happened correctly karikari told the bombers they just need to send him the contract and he'll sign it and fax it back to them. The day he got the contract he got a call from Popp which made him have second thoughts and he told the bombers he wanted to think about it more. Then he decides to sign with the als.

He did not commit to anything he was not legally bound to do anything, thats what the contract is for. The only solutions to this are to either force the player to sign a contract saying that they will sign the other contract which is incredibly redundant or make a rule saying that once a team sends a player a contract he has to sign it which the players would not agree to

I agre with Mada
The only time a player is commited to the teamis whenhe signs. Whats next? As soon a a player even talks to a team he is now obliged to sign with them????

...when you say you're 78%.sure you will sign another teams contract....and then have your agent call and say ...he's a Bomber....I would say that is a pretty good commitment....but silly me.....taking a man at his word..I forgot...must be a thing of the past....something that's missing these days...a little thing called INTEGRITY...too bad.. :idea:

Thats see signing mean signing your name to a contract. If you went into a car dealership and said I want that car does that mean you own the car. No not until you have piad for it Sorry Pappa. Taman's crying is pathetic and unprofessional.

...well you see red....there was a time long ago and far away...that a man could make a deal on good word and a handshake....and I realize times have changed and all that....business is business....BUT ...that does not excuse borderline lying in a deal...and if you think thats o.k. ...well your generation and mine are miles apart.....and I sure know what kind of car-lot you'd operate... :wink:

REally Pappa a contract is the only thing that is binding Taman knows this he screwed up and you guys are trying to help him save face. RK has the right to take the best offer that suits his needs. Handshakes are for Taman and he pulled the Ottawa Hervey thing. No seriously after this happened to Ottawa last year do you not think a smart man would learn from some one elses short sighted stupidity. Taman does the exact same thing and then crys about it. He is a pathetic loser.

…now don’t resort to name calling …red…like players… I.ve seen guys like Taman turn things around…granted …things didn’t pan out last year…but this is 06…not 05…and so far.Taman is getting a B-plus for his fa. signings this year from the pundits…you better hold off on the loser line…ya see you could be dead wrong… :wink:

Well Pappa you are right no need for name calling. But I hope for the Bomber fans this guy does his job this year because he vacated the job last year. Again the FA he got I am one that believe Barrin is way over rated. If the guy is good he would have proved it in BC. The fact he failed to adapt to a defensive system tells me he has weaknesses in his game play. And like I said before when Wally gives up on a guy there usually is a reason.

...did ever occur to you that maybe Wally has been around a little too long....and that just MAYBE.....Wally SPEAK is wearing a little thin....ex. he tries to tell Brendan....HEH ...what the hell are you doing offering that kind of money to a db. (kari-2)......Tamans reply.....' we aren't paying our quarterback 400,00 grand...so I think you better look at ...and look after you own team"....way to go Brendan...got Wally right in the unmentionables....lol..