Karikari used bombers?

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For better or for worse, the Richard Karikari saga is finally over for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

The CFL free-agent safety returned to the Montreal Alouettes last night, signing a three-year contract, including an option, just two days after his agent told Bombers GM Brendan Taman that he was coming to Winnipeg.

"I didn't have a good feeling on this the whole way through," Taman said yesterday. "Last weekend when I was in Tampa, I just felt I was getting used. And then it worked out that I wasn't getting used. Whatever.

"It was an interesting last couple weeks, that's for sure."

Karikari's agent, Ken Vierra Jr., was apologetic when informing Taman yesterday that his client was going back to the Als, but it's not difficult to detect the Bomber GM's bitterness about the whole situation.

"I had a fan call me today and say, 'Forget about Skari-skari. Let him go.' It's whatever. It's good it's over," Taman said.

"He's back there, everybody's happy, they can go have some poutine together, and away they go."

Karikari claimed innocence when asked why the Bombers thought they had him locked up.

"I don't know what conversation Ken and the Bombers had," Karikari said last night from Montreal. "I don't ask him questions like that."

Karikari said he really liked the Bombers' offer on Tuesday night, but his dad, Augustine, told him he should inform the Alouettes about what was going on because "that's how you do business."

Karikari said he felt bad about jilting the Bombers and that he planned to call Winnipeg head coach Doug Berry soon, so his dad gave him another pep talk yesterday morning.

"He said when you're a free agent, that's your time to pick a team," Karikari said. "You don't really have to apologize to anybody, because GMs don't apologize to you when they release you or trade you. I look at it from that standpoint."

The Bombers were trying to make Karikari their second big signing of the winter after inking linebacker Barrin Simpson on the first day of free agency last month.

Karikari, who's entering his fourth CFL season, had nine interceptions last year, which was the league's second-best mark. The Bombers were offering him $130,000 per season in an attempt to add instant credibility to a secondary that last season allowed the most yards in CFL history.

Taman did not attempt a last-ditch effort yesterday to steal him away from the Als.

"My offer was done early this week," he said. "And once we jiggered it a little bit structure-wise, we thought that was it. We were told it was it, but it didn't work out that way. As they say in French, c'est la vie."

The Bombers, by the way, will host the Als in their home opener on June 23 at Canad Inns Stadium. Karikari's reception likely won't be a warm one.

"I hope they introduce the defence," Taman said. "And I hope the safety's the last one out of the tunnel."

AROUND THE LEAGUE: The Montreal Alouettes have signed QB Marcus Brady, formerly of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, to a three-year contract that includes an option ... Non-import OL Bobby Singh has reportedly drawn a line in the sand in his contract talks with the B.C. Lions, and his agent told The Province that his Canadian client might be ready to move ... It doesn't sound like free-agent WR Elijah Thurmon will be joining the Bombers any time soon. "We're not on the same radar as their camp," Taman said. "Their expectations are quite high."

.........bitter?!........sounds more like unprofessional cry-baby........this stuff happens a lot and I'm sure that Taman is disappointed but to make comments like this in public is pretty juvenile........so what happens now if Montreal whups the BBs butts on opening day?........that's a serving of crow and a half.......

i was really suprised to read the poutine comment. especialy from a guy who runs a pro team…i could see a fan sayin it, but not him…wow

........no doubt, that one got a posting in the quote of the year section.......you know, you might say these things behind closed doors, maybe int he locker room to fire your teamup, but IMO not in public, it doesn't look very professional and could deter other potential FAs and their agents from wanting to open a dialogue with Taman.....

the bombers better bomb them on opening day

I don't know what to make of this situation. I think the Al's changed there tune because of all the talented free agents the TiCats got. Karikari stock went through the roof the past week, i wouldn't want to see the Al's defense without him next year.

Hopw can you disagree with Karikari comments thats free agents have a chance to pick a team when they are one, but have no control over being released. Thats right Karikari, don't apologize, he should be the first to know its a business.

R&W you are right Taman is far from professional is he taking lessons from a team just west of them. Bitterness because a player decided not to come did he promise anything wow. Is it me or does it appear Taman does not have the ability to find good players other then FA's and if so should the Bomberfans worry that they have an incompetent GM. When was the last time Taman found a diamond from bringing unknowns to camp. I believe last year Scott Taylor a Winnipeg sports reporter stated that he brought guys in last year stating there would be new faces in their line up. Not one made the fifth place team in the west what does that say about his recruitment.

....I don't see anything wrong with Tamans statement....he probably could have said much worse....lets face it ....nobody likes to get jerked around like the Bombers were in this process....and if it were happening to your team ...you probably would have a different perspective...you sound a little sanctimonious ...there red...But heh...we'll go on ......Tamans a big boy...and can answer for his comments.....and if you're talking about being unprofessional...I would say that Kari-2 epitomizes that.... :slight_smile:

Taman does lack common sense. Didn't he loose Brian Clarke two years ago to Calgary and the D has never been the same again. And it was only because of his stubborness and unwilling to be up front with BC. I think Taman's time has elapsed.

...we'll pass judgement on that argotom...and so far in the fa. market Taman is getting a B+ from the pundits for his work this year...I don't get what you mean up-front with BC....what's that supposed to mean....we signed one of the best free agents... Simpson.....all on the up and up....what are you smoking...if Tamans time has elapsed....the teams sucess will be the measure of that.. :wink:

From memory, I recall how Clarke wanted to stay in the Peg, while Taman was dithering whether to offer a contract and reportedly did not return his calls or made effort to resign. Exactly what his MO appears to be. He reminds me of the equivilant John Ferguson withe the Laffers, out of his realm.

How come you guys are all making a big deal out of this??? When Hervey did the same thing to the Renegades last year, no one on here was at an uproar.... Is it because it's not Ottawa that you actually care??

....smyth cam....you're right.....maybe the process of free agency should be looked at by the league....Hervey...Kari-2...are examples of bargaining in bad faith....IS it the agents....the players or the process ...or all of the above. ?..I think its time to lay down some hard-fast rules so this does not continue...take er way Mr. Wright... :arrow:

…of course you wouldn’t see any problem with Taman’s comments, you probably feel the same way as him, and that’s o.k…but the difference is you are a fan and don’t represent the team in public matters…this is just like Shivers comments last year about taking Burris’s head off, all the non-riders thought ‘terrible thing to say as a GM’, all the priders said ‘ah, no big deal’…it’s all about perspective…as for being sanctimonious?!..‘pretending to be very reglious or holy’ - (adj.) Websters…nope, I don’t consider myself any more pious than thou papa…from the perspective of many non-bomber fans Taman’s comments stand as they are, from many BB fans Taman’s comments represent what many of you are feeling…

.........nope, if you go back aways and reread the comments made about this issue you'll find many of us supported the Gades and thought the EEs and Hervey gipped ya.....your recollection of this isn't correct........

…I don’t recall quite the amount of attention paid to the Hervey controversey…as it is this year with Karikari…seems to me someone from the Esks. ponied up part of their salary for Hervey to keep him around…and the whole situation went away…this thing with Kari-2 was perpetuated by the Bombers…and Als for quite awhile…mute point anyway…the real issue is… should the league have a closer look at free agency and how its being carried out…I believe they should… :idea:

.......I'm not sure what the league would look into.......Karikari's agent played two teams against each other until one team dished out what Richard wanted....that's been going on for years.........

I dont understand what you guys are complaining about!
He never signed a contract win Winnipeg so what is the problem?
Think of it like buying a car, you can go from one dealer to another till you get the best deal

…I guess it goes a little further than that…when you say to someone…just fax me the contract I’m 78% sure I’ll sign it…it would lead someone to believe you have made a definite commitment…maybe not a legal one…but a firm commitment none the less…to be legally bound after looking the contract over…Karkari led the Bombers up the garden path…with no intention ever to sign on…maybe that’s not illegal…but it sure as heck is unprofessional…and if thats the way you want the league to look…I guess that’s your choice…granted it probaby dosen’t bother the other teams as much as it does WPG…but the possibility in the future is…you could have it done to you… :wink:

Well first of all we dont know that he never had the intention to sign.
I dont think there is a commitment until it is signed. Again I dont think team should be making announcements until it is signed