karikari to replace kornegay at halfback?

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/article.jsp?content=20070624_182029_2208]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/ar ... 82029_2208[/url]

The Lefko article above seems to imply it. Why? He writes that "Tay Cody and Karikari will be the DB's this season." Since we already know that the corners are probably Gordon and Anderson, we already suspect that Shaw (gasp!) will return to be the starting safety, and we already know Cody played halfback with Kornegay, the implication is that if Karkiakri "plays DB with Cody," it will be at halfback.

Interesting shift, if it in fact happens. What do you think?

Please no, I do not want Shaw at Safety, use someone, anybody else.

What of Sandy Beverage?

Karikari played at the back spot in both EX games. No surprise here.

I like Beveridge, I think he can play safety well for us.

I think Leftko is right on the money.
Karikari will take Kornegay's spot. Shaw probably will start at safety, but believe me he is being pushed hard by the likes of Beveridge, Glavic and Kordic. If Shaw plays anything like he did last year he'll be out of there in a hurry. Beveridge and Glavic are both very physical players something we have been lacking at free safety since Hitch was replaced.

Cody and Karikari at HB only seems to make sense. Kornegay had speed and could takle, but just couldn't seem to cover. I don't know if it's just an adjustment issue to the CFL, and/or a bit of a size issue, but he wasn't getting the job done.

As far as our DBs go, I am also concerned about the safety position. While Shaw is certainly less than average, and Beveridge may be OK, I really would prefer to be stronger at safety. The strength of a defense in the CFL is in the middle of the field, as this is where all the goto receivers make their plays. We can't give up big plays over the middle, and must tackle quickly when catches are made. We have not done this the past couple of years.

The Argos have had a great defense the past few years, and the core of it is Steinaur and O'Shea (both ex 'Cats). I would like to see the 'Cats go in this direction.