Karikari for Stokes

Okay fellow Als fans, what do you make of this trade?

For my two cents, I'm not distressed by it.

Karikari was brilliant two seasons ago, but tailed off last year, and then lost his starter's position late in the season. Brightful replaced him; now Brightful did not overly impress me last year (either at corner or at safety), but he didn't do poorly either; an average player, good but not great.

However, if he's over his injury Proulx might be ready to step in at safety, and I wouldn't mind giving Etienne Boulay a look there; hits like a locomotive, just not sure if he has the speed to play safety.

Now as for Stokes, I do see a possiblity here. I think most of us agree that we need another guy in the backfield to complement our power runner, Edwards; preferably a quick back with shifty moves. If we use Stokes a la Thomas Haskins or Corey Holmes, this might work out....IF, and this is a big IF, Stokes has cured his fumble problems (which cost us a Grey Cup a few years back). In any event, we are now covered in case Ezra Landry is done (Cobourne never impressed me as a returner).

So, all in all, I don't think this is a bad trade, and it opens up some interesting possibilities, although usually you would not want to trade a Canadian for an American for ratio reasons.

At firt I did not like it either but now Im ok with it. The Als need some new plays in their playbook and I think Stokes can provide it. One play you never saw was the QB option. Now with Stokes AC can add a few more plays

I'd welcome Stokes back regardless of Landy's health. Unlike Levingston, Stokes can actually play receiver and give opponents different looks instead of just returning kicks. I don't think you trade Karikari after one mediocre year, though. Not a good way to boost team morale. Give him the chance to bounce back. Proulx is very good but seems a bit injury-prone, alas. Boulay has the physical skills and the vision but lacks the experience. Hell yes he has the speed. The guy can motor and knows where the ball is going to be, which is half the battle for a safety. I'd try to give Boulay some reps at safety and use him in cover-4 formations occasionally.

Edit: I didn't realize that this trade had actually happened. Hmm. Not sure how I feel here. Stokes is talented, but he'd better shed any excess weight before the season starts. Also, I feel it's a bit unfair to flip Karikari after one subpar season. Plus he's a Canadian which affects the import ratio unless Proulx or Boulay fills his spot.

Don't worry guys, Lamont Brightful was only in his rookie year. He will get better.

Two years ago KK lead the league in number of interceptions. I do recall,however, that some of these were interceptions that somehow the opposing QB threw right at KK. Nevertheless,I have some concerns about giving up a Canadian for Stokes. Stokes will have to agree to much less of a salary than he earned at Toronto as the Als don't want to be in trouble re the salary cap. Stokes fumbles,as noted,cost the Als a Grey Cup and that is why Matthews releaed him right after that game. In addition the Als gave Stokes a good try at receiver but he had way too many drops. If Stokes has retained his speed he might help the team in kick returning. With his speed three clubs have to date tried him in the offensive backfield but he drops passes. If Stokes is restricted to punt returning this would benefit the Als. I do however believe that the Als could have gotten a better player than Stokes if they would have shopped KK around more.

In my opinion, last year the Als lacked spark. In football, a big play can really shift the momentum and turn things around. Stokes is a player that can turn a lot into nothing.

He can even play receiver. He has average hands, but it's what he does with the ball. He breaks tackles and makes the guys miss.

I was really upset when they traded Stokes away last time, and I am really happy to get him back. He is an exciting player to watch, and I think he's really improved his game since the 2004.

If I had to chose, I would take Stokes over Izzy.

Personnaly i’d kept Karikari. You never have enough of good Canadian. He didnt had a good year, but might rebound. As for Stokes, he have very average hands, could have a young american with his speed and skills for less $$$.

the argos got a hell of a better deal stokes is fat,selfish has fumbling problems mean while richard just had one bad year but is a young candian talent and could easliy rebound

I think Stokes wasn't that great in Winnipeg or Toronto. I think the reason is because his heart is in Montreal. I think Keith will bring his "A" game back, and we'll see vintage Stokes.

You guys got ripped off
Karikari was way more useful than stokes

Time will tell!

Karikari was out of the starting line up permanently by the end of the season. If he's not going to start, why not shop him to T.O. for Stokes?

If Stokes is telling the truth about wanting to come home to Montreal, he'll show up in shape. While he has a history of losing yards trying to make big plays in the return game, Stokes is still a threat to take every ball to the house. The Als can certianly use that kind of threat on teams and on offence.

Telling the truth? When Stokes was traded, he was in tears. He couldn't believe it. Montreal was his home. He wasn't the same player he was when he was with Winnipeg or Toronto.

As for him losing yards, I think your thinking of Levingston, cause normally, Stokes goes forward, not backward.

I think we'll see the Stokes that played in Montreal.

I hope so. After interviewing Ezra Landry at the end of the season, I got the feeling he wasn't coming back. Stokes would definitely help fill the void if Landry's gone. Plus, he adds another set of hands for Calvillo. The bubble screen might actually gain some yards with Stokes in the game.

That's right buddy! He breaks tackles and does wonderful things with the ball. I'm excited to see him back here next year, and hope he gets a bigger role then just special teams.

He said he was coming to Montreal, thinking he is only doing Returns, and he's fine with it. That's a great attitude to begin with. That shows me, he wants to be here.