Karikari cut?


According to steve milton:

"Those first-year totals are still his (Corey Grant) best, and after his third year in Hamilton, the cost-conscious Cats allowed him to migrate to Montreal as a free agent.

He (grant) started the first 13 games of the 2002 season for the Als, but was dealt to the Green Riders in late September for a draft choice who turned out to be Richard Karikari, himself now an ex-Cat."

I didn’t realize he was let go…did anyone else?

He Still Listed on the Roster

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?module=roster&func=display&ros_id=311]http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?module=r ... ros_id=311[/url]

Maybe Ken Peters is proof reading for Milton now? (lol)

Even if he's still on the roster, there is zero chance this guy will make the team next year.

When the Ticats announced he was at their training camp, I thought it was a fantastic signing. But he was a huge disappointment all year long.

Here's a new rule I hope our new GM respects: if Montreal and Toronto don't want a player, then he's probably not worth signing!

Don't tell that to Keith Stokes, who just won the game for Winnipeg.

I guess you could say that with Ranek, Cotton, Cheatwood, Maas, Davis, etc

What is it about Karikari. This sounds like the same thing that happened with the Argos last year. No explanation, no announcement. Kind of odd.

I think that all player transactions should be put on hold until we have a new GM. Yeah, Karikari was bad last year but he has proven to be a good player in years before in Montreal so I think we should hold on to him at least until the new GM takes a look at him and sees if he is worth a second shot. Plus Charlie might not be around next year and the new coach might like Karikari more.

Ya right the guy is gone, no gm in his right mind would keep karikari.

I personally believe that almost every player should be given a shot before or during training camp from this years roster to legitmately battle it out for their job. Karikari was good in montreal and perhaps our scheme didnt quite work for this skill set. Next year (whom ever the coaches are) may impliment a style more suitable for Karikari. That would make him quite a valueable asset. The last thing I would want to see is a repeat of this years Saskatchewan tigercats...i mean riders :wink:

Schemes? Nope, teams attacked this guy when ever he was on the field especially when he played half back. In the second week just about every throw was to the guy Karakari was coving and he'd usually be 10 yards off him, the fact that they didn't cut him after that game just shows how stupid our coaches and gm was last year. I just don't understand what you think he has done to deserve an invite back, you don't invite the worst player in the league back, that is just stupidness.

In his defence, playing him at HB was a mistake from the get-go; the guy was an allstar in Montreal playing safety, led the league in interceptions that year. Play him at safety or release him if he can't cut it there, but don't try to squeeze a square peg into a round hole.

The same applies in reverse to Cody; he's a great HB and playing him at safety reduces his effectiveness. Move Cody back to HB where he belongs is step one; give KK a chance in training camp at safety and if he makes it great and if he doesn't then release him.

We played him at safety and was just as bad. Why defend this guy? He was brutal it's time to get rid of him and start looking at other guys.

I'm only defending him because I am not sure what the problem was (other than being put out of position which is never a good thing). I'd give him one more chance...you dont' just get rid of a former allstar and interception leader after a few bad outings in a poor defence last year. Might be a mistake that comes back to bite you in the butt......as I said, if he craps out in training camp go ahead cut him loose...but I'd give him that chance as long as it was at his natural position.

[quote="MadJack"]Iagreed ... there's no harm in bringing him into training camp

Ah, great legal minds think alike.......

The harm is that you’re wasting time giving him reps then the coaches have to waste their time evaluating him then you waste a roster spot on him and waste money paying him. Just dump him and get it done with, you have to send the message that we’re building a winner and players like him are not wanted.

Karikari is fine.

The biggest problem with the secondary was the scheme and coaching.

How many times did we see the defence looking back to the bench for direction?

There were way too many breakdowns that lead to wide open receivers getting TDs. That's an indication of the overall scheme and the coaches inability to manifest a cohesive secondary.

In essence, the lack of CFL experience in our defensive coaches amounted to them getting schooled and losing their jobs.

I don't blame the players here.

I'd say Drexl's got it right! Let's not waste any time on someone who just doesn't have it!! !

Gotta disagree with you there. He had MORE than a few bad outings - in fact, I don't remember a game where he played better than "OK". Somebody mentioned that wasting reps on him in training camp and preventing another player from attending and perhaps making the team is correct, too.