Karikari Back At Saftey

its about time, thats the guys natural posistion, you always gotta keep a guy where he feels confortable, i blame the coaches for the reason Wayne Shaw was cut loose, the guy was a natural corner, he even said he doesnt like playing saftey, look now it cost him his job. putting karikari back there is the best desicion they've made to improve this team for this weeks game

Shaw would still get burned at CB, Blitz...

That's why he was moved to safety to begin with.... along with Hitchcock losing a step.

Maybe...Maybe not! He probably would still have a position on this team!

I don't like to see players have their position that they were recruited for be changed and then have them be dumped without giving them the opportunity to return to their original position!

Just doesn't sit well with me :expressionless:

I'm not saying that changing a players "natural position" is wrong...I'm just saying it shouldn't be his resposibility if the trial fails! :wink:

He has proven himself in that position quite well. Glad to see him back at safety to run down the long ball, especially up the middle.

Yeah he was moved back there because he was getting torched to begin with, you move guys when you feel they can still contribute somewhere else.

Thats like saying we should have cut Hitch 3 years ago because he was done as a safety.

No, it's like saying the coaches felt Shaw could still contribute at safety, where there's less one-on-one coverage responsibility, and Hitchcock could still contribute at linebacker, which was his college position and which doesn't necessarily require the speed of a DB.

Shaw.... still wasn't very good there. I don't know how he lasted as long as he did.

Richard Karikari will be a very busy Ticat at safety tomorrow night. Although the matchups will change depending on the plays called, the depth charts show the basic B.C. receiver/Ticat secondary matchups as follows:

WR Paris Jackson/ CB Dwight Anderson
SB Geroy Simon/ DB Sir James Delgardo
SB Jason Clermont/ DB Ryan Glasper
WR Tony Simmons/ CB Lawrence Gordon

It is also a good thing that the Ticats have two experienced outside linebackers (JoJuan Armour and Renard Cox) in the starting lineup tomorrow night to help out the young defensive secondary and to put a lick on B.C. receivers on crossing routes.

Look.....Don Matthews ran Shaw out of Montreal long ago because he was getting burned. Matthews didn't fool around. Shaw was probably the weakest safety we've ever had.
Hitch got moved to lb when he lost a step. Because he was a big hitter and knew where he was stepping it was a natural position for him.
Karikari will be a huge improvment back there and you can bet that the new db's will need his support.

I think that Karikari is better in off coverage where he can roam. He'll make a differance back there. Looking at the matchups kinda scares me. We'll have to get pressure from the front 4 so we can drop the linebackers into coverage. If we're forced to blitz we better get to the QB or it could be a long night for the D backs.

Those matchups do look rather scary, particularly BC's two excellent receivers against two inexperienced, raw rookies at HB.

Hope the linebackers play bump and run a lot on one inside receiver, then Karikari can cheat over to the other side to help out the other DB.

But pressure on the opposing QB will be the key, and I haven't seen a lot of that from Hamilton's D this year.

This is why where going to get Blown out ..
The BC Defence is Real Good
2nd to the Boatmen IMO
Look What Toronto Did to our Offence.
BC Will be almost as Bad.
Our Offence Can't match them Just yet.
Red Flags will be Hitting the Turf
This will Also Cost us.

BC is the Most Well rounded Football in The CFL
they Have no Real Weakness
Unless Buck Can't Play

We have a lot of Rookies..
so well make alot of Dumb mistakes
We will get better with Time..

yellow flags


Man if you are truely capable of that you need to be a lot more careful. Its not just the odd typo

These two match ups are going to be interesting, both Delgardo and Glasper are going to have their hands full tonight.

You can’t cover Simon man to man without help. Hopefully we have some good schemes planed to pin Geroy down or it will be a long night in the Ti-Cat secondary.

Geroy hasn't done much this year so this could be his big game. Mckay and Collier better come ready to play. The Ticats defense must keep BC in second and long to have a chance.