Karikari at Safety?

Safety speed and corner speed are usually two different things (Garney Henley excepted, even in his late thirties he could outrace most CBs as a safety), so I'm not surprised that Karikari is having some difficulty adjusting. One's angles re closing for the hit and tracking the ball are also different, so the readjustment factor is at play there as well.

Karikari has good speed for a safety. Whether he will be able to play corner with the Cats, we'll see.

Oski Wee Wee,

I noticed on one play the receiver came right at Karkari
and tried to juke him out..left..right..left

Richard's feet danced like lightning ..right..left..right

Richard's feet were still in the air when the receiver
got his shoulders past him and took off for a long reception.

Richard will soon learn to not lift his feet so high

so that when he counters the jukes
by going from side to side with them
his feet will be more set to blast off

when one of the receiver's feet
pushes off in an upfield direction

or better still he will learn which guys
it is best to just wait out their fakes

and wait until one of the guy's feet
push off in an upfield direction

He will soon be able to stay with
anybody they put in front of him.

Especially when he studys film on them.

I posted this in another thread but I suppose it is more appropriate here, so here it is:

As for the secondary, I'm not a fan of trying to put square pegs into round holes. Karikari is a safety, was an allstar at the position, stop fooling around and put him where he belongs. Gordon was a real find at the corner last year, I leave him out there.

My favourite current example of the folly of trying to put square pegs into round holes is Reggie Durden. Two years ago he was Montreal's top shut-down DB. He moves to Edmonton last season, and they put him out on the corner, he had a dreadful season, is now released and as far as I know has not signed anywhere, so his career is probably over. He was a DB, Edmonton should have left him there instead of trying to make him into a corner, which is a whole different kettle of fish.

So I'd have Karikari at safety and nowhere else.

But what do I know..............

And on the other hand, since it is a team game,

coaches have the goal of improving
the overall performance of their team

They put players in positions
that will advance that goal.

Aside from Reggie Deurden, Madjack.

It would be interesting to know how the *units
of other players who were forced to play
'out of position' have done historically

as well as how those players have performed.

*units Offensive units, Defensive units