Karikari at Safety?

Today's Ken 'Jeepers Creeper' Peters article

Hamilton Spectator Monday June 4th 2007

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From his remarks, it appears that
Richard Karikari has a good attitude.

We may see him, a non import,
starting at cornerback or safety.

Phil Gauthier is still recovering from
an emergency appendectomy in April.

George Hudson and Pascal Cheron's knees
are still not up to the task yet.

Pascal was running really well, though.

George wasn't on the field. His knee
still hasn't passed the physical.

I say move Shaw to corner, put Karikari at the other corner, move Lawrence Gordon to halfback to play with Cody, and put an import (either Cox, Bradley or one of the new guys who shows promise) at safety.

Can someone tell me how Pascal Cheron is still on this team. Is he ever not injured?

Ron, thanks for the early morning links to Spec artilces. Greatly appreciated. Sackattack, players like Karikari and Shaw will be very valuable in a hard cap world since they can both play multiple positions. I'd be amazed if we went with two Canadian corners. The injury exposure would be huge. Also sorry to hear that George Hudson is not yet ready to go. He's a real load if healthy. We could sure use him.

Does anyone know anything about Sam Young. I know he was injured last year, is he still with the team or has he been released??

Here's a novel conept for Ticat fans: PLAY A FORMER CFL ALL-STAR AT HIS NATURAL POSITION, PLEASE! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Karikari is the best Canadian safety at the position we've had since you-know-who. :wink: I would agree that Shaw could move back to CB (his natural position). I am sure Karikari was brought here to play safety because he has been one of the best in the league.

Oski Wee Wee,

Shaw will hopefully be cut/released/buh-bye !!..woohoo!!
the guy is terrible.

i say cut shaw he has been useless he has a couple forced fumbles last year but has done nothing since! 8)

Shaw will make the team. And he deserves to...

He Looked Good
But it is Still Early and I can taking it easy with him. They do Same With George When He Comes Back.

I am very Impressed with Our Staff ..

The league would be happy about that since he is a q.b killer and was on of the main reasons scoring was down so much last year.

And he can't be that bad, I remember Dunnigan saying he is one of the best safeties in the league. So maybe we should hold onto Shaw until Matt gets another gm gig so we can 'hoodwink' him in a trade.

If put Karikari at safety instead of corner, are there any rookies at training camp who could play corner effectively enough to compete with Shaw, Bradley and Gordon at that important position?

If anyone has attended the training camp, can you please let me know? Thanks.

If Karikari does not get the safety position, I'd settle for Jamie Boreham playing safety.

Please, get Shaw out of there.

No way is Shaw going to make this team.
He was terrible last season. We need a physical presence at safety and you certainly don't get that with the "always arriving late in the play" Shaw. :cowboy:

I am neutral on this topic but may I note that

Shaw is competing to be our safety under a 3rd Head Coach
and to relegate former All Star Richard Karikari to corner back.


Charlie must have his reasons
for trying Richard at cornerback.

If Wayne starts at safety this year,

will you Shaw haters quit ranting
about how bad you think he is?

Not blinking likely!

I can't say I see the 'cats starting 2 canadians in the secondary if they're going to be starting Lumsden, Loescher, Bekasiak, KariKari, Ralph, and at least 3 Canadian O-linemen. That's not to mention the probability of Mariuz starting.

Edit: I forgot to mention Clinton Wayne.

I promise....if Shaw makes this team this year I'll never diss him again!....but if he doesn't.......

Honest Injun :cowboy:

It seems you all have forgotten we have another good safety in #19 Sandy Beveridge so if Shaw goes than he should be given first chance at safety I thought he did an excellent job last yr when he started when Shaw was injured.

Sorry, but you are out of your mind if you think Beveridge can start at safety. He is one of the "strictly special teams guys" that (in my opinion) will be hard pressed to even make the 2007 squad, especially with Karkiari (who has much better closing speed, playmaking ability and experience than Beveridge)now signed. Plus, remember, Gauthier (as well as Shaw) can also both play safety. There is a lot of competition for that position, and Beveridge could be on the outside looking in.

What about Glavic and Kordic, two of the rookies?

Right now The Ticats are Looking at Karkiari at CB.. He was getting Torched by Talman Gardner All Practice Long.

Hopefull his play Improves with Reps.
But may just dose not have Speed to Play CB.