Karikari all but signed with the bombers

Saw an article in the gazette that he has chosen to sign wit hthe bombers because Berry called him more than Matthews. Not overly surprised we lost him but a bit confused why a guy would choose to go from a team that came within one play of winning the grey cup to a team that watched the grey cup from their sofas but its his choice. Have fun missing the playoffs Richard

Well be seeing you in the Grey Cup MONTREAL!!! GET READY!!!!

Mouharaharhar... Nope dude. This year, you'll be watching the horses take on the birds on your grass.

......I hope so too 3rd........meet you there eh?.......

.......karikari gave some awfully strange quotes in his press release.......didn't get any calls from Don?.......what kind of reason is that to jump ship?........and his questioning of his own decision "Did I make the right choice?'......what kind of thing is this to say?........um, no Richard, many think you did not.......

no way!!!! Calgary has messed with Winnipeg before (made it to the GC in 1991 to lose to TO, beat us in 2001 in a Grey Cup the BBs should have had, 1992, etc.), it's not gonna happen again.

I'd rather see the Riders (color blind as they are) make it than Calgary.

Well ya if they buy tickets like everyone else thats not on a grey cup team. They wont be playing but theyll be there if they want ot be

and IF the riders made it instead of the Bombers, I SAID "IF"!!!, I hope they wear these unifroms to the GC and get beat by Montreal in them. :wink:

time for them to aknowlege their REAL colors, GREEN AND BLACK!!!

Major :shock:

?major shock? QUE?

RDS (French TSN) has posted a link to RK signing with the Al's (2 years+1 option).


CFL main page as well

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=newser&func=display&nid=7534]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=news ... y&nid=7534[/url]

dang it! well, Montreal, you got the talent, go win the Cup for me! no matter who you play in it, I want you to win!

congrats mont u have a very unprofessional player on your team

His unproffesionalism helped us last year it seems

whouan whouan whouan....sounds like my 6 months old baby....

Get over it, and I'm pretty sure RK is already shaking in his boots from all the "crap" that Winnipeg fan will tell him on June 23rd...

BBfan12... unprofessionnal... I don't know.

I'd say Karikari is obviously not a decision maker and must have received bad couselling from his agent.

That being said, he's one of the fastest runners of the whole league (definately the fastest Alouette) and he has good hands. So as long as he keeps playing ball at high level, the fans will excuse him for letting us in limbo for a month.