Karen Stintz next CFL Commish???

Now this should be interesting:

              <!-- m -->[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/2014/08/22/21892611.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 92611.html[/url]<!-- m -->

Now that I've read that, I'd vote for her for mayor....

She wants to be commish based on these 3 criteria: 1) She watched football with her dad and shes a big Argo fan. 2) She wants a new venue for the Argos. And 3) She thinks the Argos are very importamt to the league. Give me a break.

To me, it wouldn't matter if Stintz didn't even know that much about the CFL. The position calls for a person with plenty of business savvy. Is she capable of managing the league? I know nothing about her background, but if she is up for the job, why not?

Hey Why not, she does have the business background and marketing savvy and could maybe help sell the game better to all genders and people of the Canadian nation, I'm sure if she was just able to convince the owners of the teams in the CFL to agree that would be a huge step forward for anyone, yet to happen, wait and see.

Then make her the next Argo GM :thup:

No. She does not have buisness and marketing savvy. Shes a lifetime polotician and does not even have a job. Might as well hire Pam Anderson or Gord Downie. Hey how about Geddy Lee!?

I vote for Pam Anderson, at least she'd be nice to look at. :wink:

Not chance in hell she gets it she has no qualifications to be Commish