Kapp throws punchs at Mosca!!!!!

My uncle... who would be almost 80...never forgot Moscas hit on Fleming... Apparently either has Joe Kapp.

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/football/angelo-mosca-brushes-off-joe-kapp-peace-offering/article2250724/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/f ... le2250724/[/url]

what, no youtube video???

Mosca still as tough as they come...even fending off punches with his cane.

There is something cool about two 73 year old men never forgetting or forgiving something that happened on a football field 48 years ago... :lol:

It was awesome TSN just showed it in on Sportsdesk.
Kapp is seen trying to push a flower up to the nose of Mosca, then Ange swings his cane at Kapp who stumbles back and after Mosca gets up Kapp comes back with a right hander and which knocks Mosca down and out.
Decision Kapp and he is seen with a big smerk on his face.
Funny as hell.


I wouldn't be surprised if these two clowns set the whole thing up :lol:

I’m not so sure, the punch seemed quite authentic to me, as well as the vitriolic dialogue.

remember, Mosca was the pro wrestler, not Kapp. :wink:

the punch looked real to me, and the way mosca seemed to go down.

Oh I'm sure the punch was real, but they still could have connived to mix it up a little. It just got a little out of hand. That whack with the cane that Kapp got was pretty real too.

I think Kapp thought he was being cute offering the flower, and Big Ang probably thought he was mocking his manhood. It's just another funny story that will be added to Grey Cup lore, right up there with riding a horse in a lobby... :smiley:

Kapp's right hook was excellent! Felled the beast :lol:

Maybe if Mosca came out on top, but I can't see Mosca agreeing to letting Kapp best him. Video was hilarious.

Angelo shoud sue his freakin' ass off!
Kapp admitted to carrying a grudge for decades, tried to shove it in Moscas' face, made the first move, and King Kong went for it.
Nice story about kicking the crap out of a dog everyday there Kapp and Fleming.
Funny joke if you're a douche.

I’m still not getting the flower under the nose. What the heck was he trying to prove with that?

angelo is a dirtbag who never should have been allowed on a cfl field.

Way to go Kapp, give him another.

And Kapp was such a class act rubbing a flower in his face. That was his way of saying he wanted to bury the hatchet? :roll:

he tried to do it normal, and mosca told him to stick it in his ass. Not his fault if he confused mosca's face with his own ass. Mosca got what he deserved, twice.

Brian Williams interviewed both of the old clowns and it was real.
Funny as hell though.

Mosca was sitting in a chair and Kapp started it.
Kapp rubbed the flower in his face, gave him a shot when Mosca pushed it away, and was lucky I wasn't there.
Kapp is a douche and I hope Ange sues that alma mater fukwads ass.
He's loaded and will probably settle.
Kapp, Fleming and FYB deserve the treatment Kapp described about the dog.
All of them are douches.