Kansas City grabs more CFL talent

TSN is reporting that the Chiefs will sign BC Lion, Dante Marsh. They picked up Printers last month. And they grabbed Lawerence Tynes from the Renegades in 2004. I hope they have a great season in 06-07!


TSN.ca Staff

2/10/2006 5:09:39 PM

It looks like the B.C. Lions have lost another player to the Kansas City Chiefs.
MOJO Radio in Vancouver is reporting that cornerback Dante Marsh worked out with the Chiefs on Friday and has agreed to terms on a two-year deal with the NFL club.
Marsh had 47 tackles and three interceptions for the Lions in 2005.

Jason Medlock, Marsh's agent, told MOJO radio that the deal should be finalized by Monday.

''We're anticipating getting a deal done later today or getting it done first thing Monday morning,'' Medlock told MOJO on Friday. ''But the deal has been offered and we're working on getting it done and getting it finalized.�

The Chiefs also signed former Lions quarterback and 2004 CFL Most Outstanding Player Casey Printers in January.

thier scout must watch alot of CFL

I wonder what the connection is? Anyone know. Was Eric Tillman involved with the Chiefs at some point? The Redskins pick up a lot of players from the CFL. Maybe Mark Rypien has left a lasting impression there.

Thats right, Eric is selling CFL talent…I knew there was something going on beneath those glasses…

Still think BC will do well in 06? the basement in the West is looking better for them all the time.

KC should have a good season if they make good use of their CFL talent.

KK why is it you figure BC who won 11 straight games last year will go to the bottom? Can you please give us your wisdom on this. Myfeeling is that any team this year that has new coaches in the ranks may suffer some what until the new offensive game plan is put in place and is utilized by the players. This is difficult to achieve.It took Calgary half a season before the team began to fire on all cylinders. Do you not think this will be the same for teams that have new coaching staffs? Injuries will dictate how ateam will do again this year. Teams effected by new coaches Winnipeg, Edmonton and Saskatchewan. In the case of Saskatchewan this may be a good thing because they only lost their OC. Where as the Bombers have new staff and Edmonton is replacing a couple. But again Edmonton will not be as bad as the Bombers situation. What are your toughts O BEE One!

My thoughts are, the lions are going to finish third....

i AGREE with KK....lions miss the playoffs this year....

haven't upgraded ANY position this offseason....they've Lost simpson, Lost Marsh, they're O-line is a JOKE, and when that o-line cracks and DD goes down ( cuz we all know it'll happen ), theres no Printers to keep the ship afloat.

simpson knows its goin down, and thats why hes leaving....after going to the grey cup and losing, then so close to a perfect season, to botch all the games down the stretch AND playoff game ........now players are leaving.

both Calgary and Edmonton are better...and sask beat them 2 times down the stretch.....so all three of those teams are better.

they are DONE

Strong words drumming, they do have DD, you never know...he could stay healthy..
Just as long as he stops picking up that always ringing telephone..he might be worth his money..

don't u agree tho?

...the lions are the same team that lost all the games down the stretch....MINUS Printers, MINUS simpson, MINUS marsh.....so they should be WORSE than the team that lost all the games down the stretch.

they have a poor o-line
Dfence troubles now that simpson & Marsh leaving
and still have questionable kicking.
less QB depth than last year.

They do have a very good coach....he's gonna adress some of there needs..

coaches can't run on the field and make plays....lol

right now, tho, the lions playoffs hopes look slim....who knows after FA signings tho....they better sign someone to keep thier growing fan base happy....dont wanna go backwards.

DG you're wrong and have obviously not been following any news about the Lions then . They already have signed to supposedly two top notch import o-linemen. And they still have plenty of time to sign more players for training camp. Wally is one of the most successful CFL coaches (second most wins after Matthews) and has rarely fielded a losing team . I wouldn't worry about him just yet . As for who backs up DD , do you remeber a guy named Buck Pierce ? He looked pretty good in limited action last as a rookie last year, and there's another guy named Jarius Jackson who's supposed to be better then Pierce too . Also, should Printers not stick with KC , guess where he goes back to.
I'm just gonna wait and see.

No question the Lions have a few holes to fill, with Marsh, Printers, Simpson and maybe Singh not signing after all. What this has made is the west all of a sudden a pick em proposition. With no clear cut favourite.

clear cut favorites are Calgary and Edmonton....after that, its hard to tell.

If the Riders were ever to get a real QB, they could move up. I guess the same could be said for the BB. The way it is now, I would guess these two will battle for last place. While, the Esks, Stamps and Lions in firght for the three positions.

id say Calgary and Edmonton are gonna be 1 and 2 ( in any order ), while BB, Sask and BC all have about the same shot at 3rd spot.

the picture will be clearer after the FA signings are complete, tho.

Agree DG. But, you have to still look at which team of this group has the best QB and usually in the CFL that's the key. For my money, DD is the best by far, providing he stays healthy and unlike last year.

good case...but the bombers seem to be re-loading thier weopons...i think they will be fighting for a playoff spot.

They do have a much better coaching staff with Berry, Marshall etc... But, the bottom line is again the QB, and there is no way in my opinion they can win with Glenn on a consistent basis to include making the playoffs and Grey Cup. Also, too many other holes to fill.