Kanneh Traded to Arblows

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced Sunday that the football club has acquired an eighth round pick in the 2019 Canadian Football League Draft from the Toronto Argonauts in exchange for international defensive back Abdul Kanneh.

The only good thing about this is it saves us around $170K++ off the Cap

He really did nothing for us

Abdul Kanneh a prime DB and former all star to our biggest rivals the Argos for an 8th round pick aka for free. Yet another give away for Tillman in a few short months, who is eager to steal the title of worst GM from Kavis Reed

I anxiously await the news that weve traded Adams for a 7th round pick in 2052 when it cost us a 4th rounder to aquire him in the first place

What you serious!?

What a horrible trade, final cut list not posted yet ? By noon today?

dead serious

I'm sure that it was either trade him or release him. At least we got a draft pick, and shaved a (reported) $170k from the cap.
As Grover said in another thread, he really didn't do well here...

Injury prone, ineffective, he did nothing for us and cost a bundle.
Clears a ton of Cap for us to pick up other teams cutdowns.
Was a very expensive Austin pick up that failed

final cuts by 10 AM today

Look at it this way

Better to get a late pick than nothing before he was about to be released.

Looked terrible in the preseason game at home gettig beat by a backup to the corner.

So guys I guess I good move to dump salary but we got peanuts ? in return

Thx should be interesting!
Willie quin ?! Hasn’t produced

Obviously he was about to be released, at least we got a pick for him and burdened the Arblows with his horrendous Cap hit

Underachieving , expensive, always injured.

Was supposed to be, and should have been with the money given him, an impact player.

Never was at any time.

Precisely the kind of player you shed.

First preseason game he was bad... Got flat out beat on a lob TD, either just couldn't handle the Toronto rookie or didn't try, either way it wasn't good to see, all the other dbs looked better than him.

Who needs former CFL all-stars on our team anyway?

Exactly!!! we only want future all stars, forget the past.

There's a good chance he'll excel under a fresh start with the Argos - he's joining a good backfield there.

He sort of gave me the impression he really didn't want to be here.

If he was still playing at that level then he would still have a job.

As to how "horrible" this trade is... he didn't make the team, and was about to be released. Better an 8th round pick than nothing at all. Drew Allemang has grabbed us some great players that late in the draft before. Like Mike Daly.