Kanga's dream come true

It was reported on sportsnet.ca that the CFL is going to try 4 point field goals from beyond the 50 yard-line in pre-season, Tom Wright said that field goal kickers should be rewarded for long bombs.

I saw that interview too last night. God we'll never hear the end of it on here now.

Saskargo....we're going to need you to beat Kanga into submission now.

Found it on TSN.....

A New Era of Excitement for the CFL

George Black, Director of Officiating for the CFL, released Friday morning that pre-season games will witness the 4-point field goal, with hopes of expanding the challenge into the 2007 football regular season.

“It’s time to shake up the rules,� wrote Black in a press release. “We feel implementing a new rule change at this time is just what the CFL needs to attract new viewers and make the CFL product more marketable. For the games of the 2006 pre-season, all field goal attempts of 50 yards or more will result in 4 ponts on the scoreboard.�

Jake Ireland is not thrilled with the decision. �It’s just one more thing for me to have to remember. What’s next? Making the goal post live?�

excellent that they are going to try it out, finally, but it will not see the light of day in the regular season.

as far as I see it now, you can have the Single or 4 point FG, you can't have both.

no, jake, making them a single!, MHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

This was also an april fool’s joke directed at our resident rule/game changer.

oh good, like I said, try it in the pre season, not ever in the regular one, cuz:

CFL there are three ways to score (note, with AP): 7/1, 3, 1

NFL there are two ways and maybe a third on the way to score: 6/1/2, (4), 3

You forgot the safety

nah, that how the D scores, not the O, imm (in my mind)

O: 7/1, 3, 1
D: 7/(2), 2, 1

Actually then it's 6/1

I'm counting with AP, w/o it is

O: 6/1/2, 3, 1
D: 6/(2/1) (for a returned convert), 2, 1 (for a stopped returner in the endzone on a kick)

Obviously, because the way the game actually is played isn't the first thing that comes to mind.

remember whose mind we are talking about.

The D could drop kick a field goal

so I did it with the AP, big deal, at least I gave fair warning and it's not hard to firgue out how it really done.

ture, but when is the last time that happened? 1945?

I doubt the defence has ever done it…though I believe it is technically possible.

then, in a way, maybe they should bring in the 4 point FG to balance that, but the 4FG would happen more often that the D doing drop kick FGs, thus unbalanced, and do you want your D trying the Drop Kick or coming up with ways to get to the ball? if I were coach, I'd take the latter.

KK's bottomline on the 4FG: it's cool for the pre season, but it isn't for the regular season.

Maybe we should have field goals of under 20 yards to be worth only two points. :wink:

Hey, it makes as much sense as the 4-point 50-yarder.

No they cant!!!!!

why can't they, the rule book doesn't state anything about being behind the line of scrimmage.

because it would not be a field goal.
A drop kick has to be done from scrimage. If the punter lines up to punt but actually does a drop kick the defence was not on the field!