I appologize

Come On!

He may be misguided about the team he supports, but at least he makes the effort to be involved! Personal attackes are not what is needed on this site. Passionate disagreement yes, but lets not make things personal!

Agreed, no need for personal attacks. if it bugs you that much, there is something wrong with you. Nothing wrong with someone posting what they want.

He showed some anti American sentiment, but i think he adds interesting points to the board. Kangakutcha, should stay. There are more annoying people on this board then him.

I appologize

I think this post is annoying and you have no class what soever
Comming from a guy with 10 posts who are you to judge

At least his posts are about the CFL. If their about the CFL or just plain football, he deserves to stay. This is a stupid post.

leave the guy alone. you think some of the stuff is stupid that he posts.. well its pretty stupid that you have to make a poll on this guy, to me thats pretty annoying. leave the guy alone, he hasnt made personal attacks on you. dont be a dick

I won't vote in this dumb poll and I expect this thread to be yanked soon enough. Talk football and keep your opinions about someone you will never know off of here. there must be a Yahoo or MSN forum that you can go play cliky click with.

I sorry if I have rubbed the Americans on here the wrong way, but there are some things about America that piss me off.

But I do love American Cultur and ture is if it weren’t for the US, I wouldn’t be half the open minded man I am today, and that’s the turth.

I appologize

Some of my post have been abou other things but I try my best to keep it under contronl. Most of my stuff is abou the CFL, and you can look.

I didn't say you weren't. I was talking to peter and the other americans on this site.

Ssk1989- grow the hell up.

another person added to the tab of rude and dumb saskatchewan fans
... so about half the province

Everyone is entitled to their opinion whether you agree with it or not. That's what this forum is all about.

KangaKucha don't worry Canadians rub me the wrong ways sometimes too. Like when you boo are anthem. Something i would never do, because many of you canadians treat me with the utmost respect and booing your anthem is a slap in the face to you guys. See love most of you guys, but every country gots its losers.

KK, speak your mind and don't worry about what this jacka$$ has to say but in the same token, Ssk1989 has the right to give his opinion as well but I gotta admit this is a dumb post.

Insults...Insults...insults... Kanga sometimes give me a brain freeze, but thats ok, it only hurts for a moment or two, at other times you amuse me, that also only lasts for a moment or two, but to suggest that you do not have a right to post here is wrong, wrong, wrong, keep postin, and keep lovin the CANADIAN game, MAY THE BIRD OF PARADISE FLY UP YOUR NOSE....

I love the american national anthem and all ways stand for it, but Australia has the best one in the world.