KangaKucha I Appologize

I appologize

somebody has a fan/stalker

No kidding.



I feel it in my fingers, I FEEL IT IN MY TOES!

I accept (saking hands), now lets get back to talking about Football!

and we I come up to Canada, I buy you one! :smiley:

Hey Double K

I do have to appologize on behalf of all saskatchewanites everywhere. This idiot spouting off crap about you is the exact reason that people from around canada make fun of saskatchewan. Keep your posts going KK.

I pick Saskatchewan over Edmonton when they face off as a Thanks to all Rider fans out there who supported me.

Riders are alright!

Bombers aren’t too bad themselves. I lived in winnipeg for a little over a year and those guys like their football. I would say in my age group (around 27) there are more bomber fans than rider fans. At least that what I found from the people I know. I actually went to a few Rider games in winnipeg with a bunch of bomber fans. I was at the playoff game a couple of years back. The thing that sucks is when you are with alot of fans of the opposite team, you can’t really gloat too much when you win