Has he been banned again....he has turned up over at ourbombers and its driving me nuts.....who do I have to bribe to get him back here.

You are correct he has been banned again, he is also over at 13thman.com.

If this is the case, let's start a pool going: How long until "you know who" is banned from those sites? :lol:

What did KK do this time?

You miss your little buddy!

My guess, the same crap he always does: spamming, agitating mods, challenging said mods over what he claims to be "selective post control", yada yada yada...

thought so, well thanks for nothing guys.

Oh puhlease! I miss him like Rider fans miss Nealon. In short, "not bloody likely!"

What ya mean Mongo? Riders fans don't want Nealon back? Where the hell are we going to dump him then? We already filled the dumpster when we dropped Ted White there.

Give Nealon to Winnipeg......like in exchange for nothing.....

And this is too funny.....it was pointed out to me earlier this evening that one particular thread existed on ourbombers.com (they shouldn't have a problem with the link being here, since all the material in the original post was taken from this website in the first place without a link or permission.....but I digress). In the very first post, "someone" asks a question about no yards, and cites his "friend", with whom he was having this discussion.....said friend?? None other than our very own ro1313.....ro, I had no idea you two were so very close!!

[url=http://www.ourbombers.com/messageboard/viewtopic.php?p=30979&highlight=#30979]http://www.ourbombers.com/messageboard/ ... ght=#30979[/url]

It was that Dumb and Dumber pic I posted a while back, jm. Remember the one of ro and "you know who" in the jacuzzi together? They were tight then, and I guess its now carried over to other corners of the Web.

.....kinda sweet, really.....

oh really? I always thought "you know who" would be quite gamey and rubbery. What with him being a roadkilled marsupial and all. :lol:

Cmon jm... you out of anyone must miss KK the most.. I mean, that ruler of yours just isnt the same anymore without smackin the back of his head :lol:

Well in aussie rules football.......oh sorry there guys I must have read one too many of those KK posts. Admit it jm, you miss him just as much as ro does :stuck_out_tongue:

.....evil, evil persons.....

I would say jm misses KK as much as I miss saskargo, right jm?.... :wink:

saskargo...did she just leave, or was she banned? I recall her as being the one who was just fine with that Argo player who threw his helmet into the crowd at the beginning of the season...quite ignorant IIRC.

She was banned!
She literally demanded that we ban her!
The Admins were glad to oblige.

She is now on another site....begging to be a mod!

If said site happens to be Riderfans.com, I'd start to wonder about their higher ups. :roll: