Kanga Kucha

Let me be the first to let you know your hacks have officially
been eliminated from the playoffs.

Its next yr now for the boys in blue and gold
from here on in. :lol: :lol: :lol:

yeah, I know, we (Bombers and Cats) will see you all in 2006!!! baby!!!

WINNIPEG IN 06 AT HOME!!!!!!!!!!

GO BOMBERS!!!!!!!!!!

You guys got Tee all signed up for next yr?? LOL

Tee is histroy, he better find a job with the AFL after this year.

i dont think he'll do anything with his career for a while.

I heard the argos need a new waterboy. maybe tee martin can try out for that job. Hope he can pass a water bottle better then he can pass a ball :mrgreen:

in or out of the playoffs doesnt mean squat if you dont win the cup…

.....good time to get 06 season started....and I think the new players coming in prove just that........not great to be out of the playoffs this early and 2 yrs. in a row.....but what's the old saying....WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR.....this is going to be a successful club....with a lot of new faces....goBigBlue..... :arrow:

Winnipeg has talent, but they need a new coach who knows what he is doing. Watching Tee Martin play all of those games was painful

Leave Kanga's name out of this.

Ah but painting the basement blue and gold this year versus red and white ha ha ha now that feels good! Sorry Piggy I had to do it!