Kanga-Kucha - A request for the Lord of CFL banter

Hey Kanga, since the thread is locked I needed to make a new one...

Could you calculate the final point totals for 2004 and 2005 based on the following setup?

5 points for a regulation win by 9 or more points.
4 points for a regulation win by 8 or less points.
3 points for an overtime win.
2 points for an overtime loss.
1 points for a regulation loss by 8 or less points.
0 points for a regulation loss by 9 or more points.

I know there was a draw last season. Let it go as 2.5 points awarded.


When you are done with this assignment Kanga, try this one:

4 points when you beat a team whose name's got more vowels than yours
2 points if otherwise

  • 2 extra points if your opponent was in your division
    or +1 is he was in the other
    And another extra point for the winner when it was raining.

Last thing, but important nonetheless, -1 if most of the points were made on special teams.

Thank you.

What do special teams entail? Rouges, Field goals, 1 pt conversions, and kickoff returns? I would say that safeties, 2 point conversions, and scrimmage touchdowns are "normal teams."

And do you get two point for any "otherwise?" Losing to a team with more vowels? Losing in general? Beating a team with less vowels? Are they all 2 points?

Do the divisional points apply to losing teams as well?

B.C. 41 - 1 Winnipeg.
B.C. recieves 6 points.
Winnipeg recieves -1 points.

Was it raining? What about snow? Hail? Sleet? A prairie tornado?

Mate, lets do it next season, I swear we'll give your standings a go.

I'll catculate the 2005 Standings soon, got finals coming up.