Kanga, 4 hours and counting.......

…as mandated in the CFL Forum Guidelines, section 3.2 , article 1.1.5 " A fan may unilaterally and without provocation gloat over the team’s win for a period of 24 hours following the game’s conclusion except in the case where the opposing team’s fan reignites the conversation the following shall occur:

a) the opposing fan cries mercy to the onslaught of smack and runs away, or,
b) the winning fan gets in the last word."

…you have a few hours left KK, then shhhhhh, it’s quiet time again…good win BBs…

.....3 hours left..........

I’m done it’s ok.

I thought I as kicked off then, whew!

Geez, whats he gonna be like if they win the Cup???? 4 months of this?

maybe a few weeks, but I only started one topic over it.

Quite gladly, we have at least 13 months before he has a chance of winning the Cup.

hey he is a die hard. I would go all out until the 24 hours was up then i was just keep sayin we won. lol. Way to go bombers

Times up, better cool my Jets (no pun intented).

Haha good one!

how does your team winning the grey cup go. How long can you gloat. I think 1 day is too little for this. I am thinking at least a month

......if you win the GC you get to gloat until the next year's champions are crowned, with victory come the spoils of war.........

........reminds me of a story I'm going to try to confirm later today, there was a team from the TO area I think (not the Argos though) in the 20s that won the GC and the next year didn't make the playoffs, but wouldn't give the cup back claiming that until a team played THEM for the cup it was theirs to keep.........wild logic eh?.......

he did call the WINNIPEG upset of the year.