Kamau Released

I think lost in all the love in for Eakin, we forgot to mention that our 2nd leading receiver also asked for his release.

Kamau Peterson had a good year, better than his last couple and IMO was starting to establish himself as a solid canadian wideout.

He was probably making good money and this could be a salary dump, although I hope Marcel considers bringing him back for camp next year.

Problem is...is he satisfied playing wideout? wide side wideout at that? I doubt it.

Best of luck to Kamau. He was one of my favourites. I think I just figured out that I'm a jinx so I'm not going to like any players next year..lol. Sorry to see him go. All the best to him.

This was the best news of the week, now all we need is Ralph to do the same and we'll be all set.

and in your world who is starting at receiver? i hope they arent all imports or we're in trouble.

I'm confused with this one. In this mornings Spec, Peterson said "I'd like to be back in Hamilton. It's my first choice. I like it here"
It mentions that he is a free agent in February. Now why would he ask to be released now, when he can just wait until Feb. and see what happens. Was he told the Cats weren't interested. I thought he was a player that had actually showed some improvement this year and warranted another training camp at least.

They can draft that receiver from the American college #1, I think his name is Armour, or go with Mike or Ian. With Lumsden in the backfield we only need one import at wideout.

i dont get it, i thought kamu was the only productive reciever this year, not to forget hes canadian?

This way he could be picked up by a team currently going to the playoffs, he is now a free agent and can go to a team like Toronto that could use the Canadian receiver.... because our schedule ended a week early, it gives him time to go to another team.

Thanks Crash. I thought about that scenario but thought the time had passed for teams to sign new players. That would make sense for Peterson to at least try.

Marcel mentioned that he and Kamau
discussed salary expectations.

I believe that he wants more money
than Marcel feels he can pay him
so he let him test the market.

If Kamau's expectations are not met,
Marcel can bid to sign him back later
for a salary that is within our budget.

Guys like Peterson are never going to be anything more than depth guys. He won't be hard to replace and this team needs new faces and a new attitude.

An Argo fan

Just to set the record straight, D.J. Flick was our second leading receiver.

Peterson was the club's second leading receiver this season, hauling in 51 passes for 567 yards and one major.

I should know better than to trust Kenny Peters

Sad to See KP go
Great Guy to talk too
Hard Worker..
Great with Fans

By Mike or Ian you mean Mike Morreale and Ian Fleming? Even the biggest Morreale fan would tell you he's not suited to playing WR. He's a slotback, and so is Fleming. Plus, Fleming has caught 1 pass in the CFL for 3 yards, would you really want him as your starting WR heading into next year?

Peterson should never have been a starting receiver for this team. He's like Morreale: good for three catches a game, but that's about it. He won't light any defence up, and we didn't get "starting WR production" out of him in 2006. I'm glad to see that the Cats will probably let him go to another team.

Out of our present receiving corps, I would say only Flick and Ralph are starters. I think Vaughn will be gone next year ($, age). Holmes will probably be converted to slot, which I think is a good move with Lumsden at RB. But I think Hamilton should definitely use their first pick in the draft to take a starting Canadian receiver (a second slotback; someone durable and big), and they should definitely sign a free agent WR who can stretch the field to open things up for Flick and Ralph.

Marcel..... you getting this?

Well I am sorry to see him go. I thought he was starting to settle in and played some good games for the Cats.

But Lord oh Lord....please don't let the Bombers pick him up!!! ANYONE BUT THEM!

I've discovered over the last few years that my hatred for the Bombers runs deeper than my hatred towards the Argos or Alouettes.