Kamau Peterson to be Released?

A quote from todays Winnipeg Sun suggests that Kamau Peterson may be the next Bomber to be released. Personally, I think that this is about time:

Quote from todays Winnipeg Sun: "CALGARY -- The Winnipeg Blue Bombers cut slotback Wane McGarity earlier this week.

Fans are probably wondering if wide receiver Kamau Peterson is next.

The Bombers receiving corps was on the hot seat going into last night's game against the Calgary Stampeders, but now it's a five-alarm blaze after their 30-21 loss.

Peterson, who's has a long history of dropping balls since joining the team last year, dropped another sure first down last night and later got pulled from the game in favour of Gilles Colon.

"He dropped that pass, and then his play on an interception later, we didn't like his route there and then we didn't like his finish there," Bombers head coach Jim Daley said. "We'll see how Gilles did at it, and we'll see if that's a direction we should go.

"We'll certainly consider Gilles Colon as a possible starter."

Halejuha, there may be hope yet. I for one would have to rip up my tickets and mail them to Bauer if I had to watch another down of football with Peterson and or Tee on the field.

peterson will be released soon and when it happens that will be the best thing the bombers did all year.!!!!!!!!!!

Don't count your chickens before they hatch......starnger things have happened this season...

man break out the beer and the balloons how long did this take them to figure it out. Taman is pretty stupid! You guys need a genreal manager that knows what a football player looks like. Make it a package Taman and Peterson out the door.

we'lll bye bye peterson and hello Brazzell...hopefully he could get something done!