Kamau Peterson: A man of Passion.

A writeup by Peterson on the CFL.ca speaks a thousands words on the passing of Michael Jackson. His words of inspiration are true words of wisdom. On the field a legend lives on. :rockin:

No disrespect intended to Kamau Peterson...................who has really elevated his game tremendously in my opinion....but the last thing I care to read is 1,000 words on Michael Jackson.

Oh dear.. what next?
1000 words on Mario Van Peebles? 1000 words on R Kelly? 1000 words on Corey Feldman? 1000 words on Jenson Interceptor?
Methinks KP should concentrate on catching the ball.. he's starting to remind me of that athlete who stunk it out in Ham and Wpg without a great QB to make him look better than he really is. I mean, really.. 1000 words on Michael Jackson? I guess I should read it. did he talk about out-of-court settlements, etc?