Kalonji Kashama

I see Ottawa 2013 Draft pick DE Kalonji Kashama has been released by the Detroit Lions. Maybe he can fill the roster spot of injured DE Justin Phillips. The REDBLACKS are not that deep in Canadian talent so hopefully they can get Kashama signed and in camp. Losing Canadian starters like Phillips and Eppele has to be a big blow to the expansion club.

That would be pretty big for the REDBLACKS. He would be the 3rd of the 4 redshirt juniors they drafted in 2013.
top pick Nate Macmillan has jumped right in as the starting RT. The other draftee Connor Williams has been on the 46 from day 1 but with vet all star Sholo and other two Canadians they got in the expansion draft Zack Evans and Justin Capicciotti have already developed the past few seasons and are in there mid 20's and beginning to hit their prime.
Kashama is likely CFL ready and potential to be a tough to find Canadian DE with starters potential.
That would leave two sport TE Tyler Digby from the 2013 class. Digby played in the NLL and with both Lavoi and Ellingson both young and likely the best two true TEs in the CFL no rush for Digby. He may have his sights set on the Canadian National Team who just wond gold in the World Chmapionsips before heading to the CFL. Taking a couple of seasons to play Lacrosse year round both indoor and outdoor before he possibily plays both sports or maybe just signing on at mid season to play the second half of the CFL season.

As for Kashama he is the DE they wanted. likely will wait out his NFL options through TC and see if he can at least get a PR spot. Playing a couple of seasons in the CFL as a DE has also proven to be a solid path to the NFL. Quite a few DEs have thrived in the CFL and have landed in the NFL as part of the rotation at DE or OLB and play teams.