Kalil Hill: bring him to Hamilton already!

I guess trading Cavil to Winnipeg was to free up room for Hill?


Hill is not going to help this team. Besides he's soft and won't take a hit.

I thought he looked great last year, he was constantly going over the middle, fighting for balls, etc. He does have a weird running style though.

he wont help the team??? :? n ya he can take a hit but dont worry with speed like his he wont need to :wink:

he'll be our second Dj flick, he has a upper running style, its great

and the guy can dance. i miss those celebrations! :cowboy:

How many games did this guy play again? You're making him out to be the second coming of Darren Flutie or something. Last time I checked someone has to throw him the ball. I think they should worry about getting Flick and Vaughn the ball deep more than getting new receivers.

does it really matter how many games he played? he has tallent.

He's better than DJ and more versatile (sorry, but he is)

and as far as not wanting to take a hit? you're right, he did seem to take a hit all the way to the ENDZONE!

Hill isn’t the second coming of Darren Flutie. But he is a receiver who consistently got open and made great catches last year, some of them for highlight reel TD’s. Plus, we all know what he can do when he runs kicks back.

It seems like the Ticats have a lot of receiving talent, but do these talented receivers show effort? Vaughn does. But has anyone else this year? Hill will. That’s why fans want him in there.

it's funny where do people like ticat14 get that he dossnt wanna take a hit. i really dont wanna bring yeast into this but ya i hope hill dossnt take the same crap as yeast. hill hassnt played a game last year and we already have fools on this site cutting him up.

just because people have a comuter doesn't neccessarily man they have an IQ above 20.

How can you guys seem to know so much about his 'talent' and 'effort' from watching him in a couple games trying to make the team. And better than DJ c'mon?!? That's terrible. Flick's had 3 straight 1,000 yard seasons in the CFL and what has Hill done?

Everyone keeps thinking that players not on our roster are so much better than they are then once they get here everyone wants to run them out of town!

no... we were all saying this last year as well after he played a few games with the team.

and most of us were also uttering profanities quite loudly when he decided to take a chance with the Jaguars this offseason.

Kahlil Hill makes this team better (and i don't normally steal Crash's line here but....) END OF STORY.

It was used well.... no problem :wink:

did you even see this guy play last year. if we get him back he will be our best reciver hands down! you cant say he isnt good because hes only played a few games. he was trying the nfl and im really suprized he got droped by the jags but im happy.

He wouldnt be our best receiver, he would be an upgrade and provide depth.

Just because you get an NFL tryout doesnt make you better than players in the CFL.

i no it dossnt there are a ton of players who get an nfl shot n then cant even break a cfl roster but from what i saw last year he will be our best reciver. but i will have to wait till he auctailly playes a game this season to find out.

Any word on Kalil "the thrill" Hill?

Haven't seen any news related items.

Anybody have an update?


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