Kalif Mitchell cut from Montreal

Just announced on the TSN site.

Khalif Mitchell has been cut by the Montreal Alouettes. Brandon Whitaker and defensive back Geoff Tisdale will either be traded or released by 10pm tonight.

It looks like Mitchell's talent just won't catch up with his mouth.

It's quite possible that it was more about salary and performance than his off-field antics.

You never know it could be either or??

I would like to see a veteran back like Tisdale and he was a great player for both the locker room and community but not sure with the current group of younger players from Austin's team if Tisdale would fit in or not? I think finally that this will be the year that Austin finally gets the group of players that he wants for the Tiger-Cats over the last two years since arriving coach Austin has had players under contract from previous organizations, now he and his coaches will have the team they want in the CFL.


I think he's a disgrace to the league and don't want to see him with the Cats. He's been notorious for trying to cause injuries after the whistle.

Ottawa might have cap room though.

Wow, not sure how this thread derailed so quickly, but I'll just say: I agree with BigCat that it could be a combination of things. On the Tisdale front, he has a nose for the ball and is big and athletic. His issue is consistency; he'll come up with big plays, but he'll also get exploited routinely in a game by quarterbacks targeting his side of the field. That said, he's a talented player who will undoubtedly find a home somewhere in the league.

I wish to publicly apologize to anyone I offended by the insinuation I made in the post that was removed. It was written without thinking, and I was wrong for posting it.

What I DID write about Tisdale still stands. He took far too many penalties on during the Toronto game (2 on one play!) because he cannot seem to adapt to the new pass interference rules. He is one of those physical CFL DBs that may have too many difficulties adapting their game to the new rules, and will be passed over for those who can.

Apologizing when you are wrong is one of the hardest of things to do. Those who do it deserve our respect. Those who do not deserve....(fill in the blanks).


Agreed, Discipline.

This is why he's failed his fourth team (two stints in BC). And this time he didn't even make it out of training camp.

All I'm suggesting is that if you're going to create a lot of baggage for you and your future employer to deal with, you better be able to overcome it with performance.

And, so far, he hasn't been able to do that.

As they say, some people never learn.

Thank you, DisplacedCatsFan, for the apology. Not an easy thing to do in public, so kudos to you!

You are quite welcome. I have stepped in it before, and I'm sure that I'll step in it again. I just can't believe the irony of what I wrote! <#SMH #FACEPALM lol

We all "step in it" from time to time, it takes a good man to apologize as you have.
It is obvious from your Posts that you are a TiCat fan and have considerably more knowledge of the CFL than I. Use these attributes in your Posts to improve/increase our understanding and at the same time have meaningful discussions with other individual Posters. I look forward to reading your future Posts.
Have a great day.

Thank you challenger99. I have learned my lesson, the hard part is remembering that lesson in the years to come.

Now, can we please get back to the discussion of what should be Khalif Mitchell's last day of playing professional football? lol

How many years has Mitchell been playing in the CFL and how many teams has he played for?

He was first signed by BC in 2010 and played there until 2013, then traded to Toronto who later released him in the spring of the following year. He was signed by Montreal, February of this year, and released at the end of their training camp.