Kai Ellis released — bring him to Hamilton!

this guy is a freak (the cfl's javon kearse), and a load, and maybe a head case.
are we happy yet with our defensive end pressures?

check out the last paragraph:

[url=http://www.canada.com/montrealgazette/news/sports/story.html?id=adbbb843-abac-495e-b5df-e16affc393d0]http://www.canada.com/montrealgazette/n ... 6affc393d0[/url]

Probably a good pick up...Ellis was probably the odd man out cause at rush end Bowman and Anwar have been great this year and Reggie Hunt has been terrific as well.

Would be Nice signing ..

It won't load for me.

What did the last paragraph say?

it said:

"Veteran rush-end Kai Ellis has been released by the Als just as his 2008 contract would have become guaranteed with one more appearance. Ellis, Montreal's middle linebacker the past two seasons, played five games after recovering from a knee injury. He had eight defensive tackles, one QB sack and one fumble recovery."

he's been playing rush end. in the time that ellis has been in the league, we've had jeremy lawrence, andy petek, dickerson, hodges, gause, keith ... and a whole ton more guys who weren't good enough. and this guy's been a first stringer all along. i wanted to pick him up in the ottawa dispersal draft, but nobody got my telepathic message, i guess...

Both him and Orlando would be a big boost...

Frankly...It looks like a money dump by Montreal.

The Cat's could use him immediately...

Whatever happened to Nautyn McKay-Loescher??

Can we declare this guy a bust now or what?

Like the rest of the league Obie's cap situation is the determining factor in signing anyone at this time of year.

NML is an accompaniment, not a main guy, IMHO. Not in the category of a Montford or Covington type. If he has a bookend, his play would pick up. As it is, it has been very easy to neutralize him. To pick one guy out of that line and call him a bust is understating the other three "bust" candidates. LMAO

Ellis would be a big help. He can be moved around and have an immediate impact on our ability to pressure. Same with Steinauer as a blitzer from the safety position, but I digress.

Oski Wee Wee,

I miss having a pass rush. Seeing Joe at the game Monday got me all misty-eyed. I don't even bother watching the line of scrimmage anymore. It's easier to watch our weak zones and try to predict which opposing receiver will get the ball.

We're the last place team in the league. Other team's cast-offs, salary dumps or otherwise, should get interviews with us.

DE is an impact position and he was supposed to fill it and he has not.
Considering the nature of the position, the lack of production and the fuss that was made when he was signed "bust" is a fair description.

You emphasized one bust, I spread the love: four-plus busts. LOL

Yes, his contract does ratchet up the expectations, no doubt. I'm just stating that he isn't a one-man gang like Joe or Grover and likely never will be.

Oski Wee Wee,

Hamilton won't call him...

The latest flavor of the week at the Tigertown drive through: Patrick is back at his natural D-end instead of inside now thanks to Tory Collins. Try, try again...

Personally, based on our standings, I'd sign him and not worry about the salary cap issue. Pay the penalty at the end of the year so long as the signing helps generate wins.

Ellis would certainly be an upgrade over Patrick or Anthony. And he would look good starting alongside Collins and Adams. A lot of beef.

I agree NML is not a impact guy ay all. You need a push - rush from the other two in the centre before the ends have an impact. I also I miss the days when Covington, Walker, Coefield and Monford ruled IWS.