Kahlil Hill released

Kahlil got released yesterday Aug 14 2006

He will be here in a New York minute if he isn't picked up by another NFL team.

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Hopefully, we could use him.

(didn’t I just say this somewhere)


wow, worste, but best news ive heard all season, this is the guy we've bin waiting for! CLEAR NUMBER 87 OFF YOUR JERSEY CUZ ITS TAKEN! GET KHALIL BACK HERE PRONTO!



I feel bad being happy that he was cut, but I did wish him the best of luck when he went so I guess that makes up for it. :smiley: I'd KILL a man (any man) to see him back here.

PS. Any word on how Jonta is doing? :smiley:

OMG, YAY!!! Get him back, NOW.

Hopefully...not too well Mom :stuck_out_tongue:... We need a tackle too :slight_smile:

Wow...I'd sure welcome him back!

i think jonta is going to crack the lineup, nothing but good things im hearing abuot him over there. but 1 of 2 is better the nothing!@ hes the spark we got last year around this time, so lets get him here boby!

Great reciever but...what good is he to a quarterback who can't throw 40 yds??

Who goes? Quinnie? Cavil?

Maas’s problem isn’t his arm strength, he’s been over throwing receivers. Maas is a competetor and wants to win badly, he’ll do what it takes to get back to where he was 2 years ago.

As for Hill, if he comes back then I hope we trade Holmes.

And why do you want to trade Holmes?

Because all Holmes does is return kicks, and maybe play a couple of series a game at r.b, Hill showed last year that he can be an explosive returner.


And trade Holmes Drexl? What kind of insanity is that? A guy like Hill would compliment Corey very well on special teams, allowing him to be a greater part of the offense because some of his demands will be lessened. We need to get Holmes MORE involved in the offense.

If Hill comes back, he will not automatically be a starting receiver. But he will automatically be a regular kick returner.

who ever didn't fight for the ball on the last interception on Saturday , that's who you cut!!!!!!!!

quinnie goes, hills in. or u know what, cut ian flemming, put quinnie on the practice squad and play hill.

I'm pretty sure that was Peterson

Yeah right. And all Ralph, Morrealle, Flick etc do is catch the occasional pass. You want to get rid of them too?
Its the play calling!!!!!!! :roll: Thats the whole problem with this team.

I know that, if we're not going to use him properly then trade him. I think he is a great person and a class act, but I don't think he's going to re-sign with us unless he starts to get more pt. Now if Hill comes in it will mean even less pt on o, as well as less touches on returns.

Do NOT cut Iain Flemming, that's crazy talk. Cut Quinnie, Holmes should NOT be traded, Holmes should be getting a lot of touches, but he's not (of course he wasn't there last week). He's not getting touches because Paopao is an idiot, he has no clue how to call a play. How can you let your best weapon sit on the bench?

That may be true. But coaching decisions aside, he might still be our best receiver. Who else has the potential to join the upper echelons of receiving talent, i.e. the Tucker/Simon stratosphere?

Hill is the only top notch receiver we've actually found for ourselves, as opposed to taking other teams' castoffs (or free agents in the case of Flick), in a great many years.