Kahlil Hill and his family

Did you know his father was all-pro receiver JD Hill and his mother is a corporate lawyer? Did you also know that his brother Hakim Hill was recruited by the Argos a couple of years ago and looked very good until his US legal problems caught up with him and he had to return stateside in mid-season? Some pretty serious offenses like resisting arrest, drinking and sexual assault.

Seems like there's some serious talent in that family but some equally troubles too.

An Argo fan

So what your saying is, he grew up a rich spoiled brat !!!!! And maybe hasnt grown up as of yet .

but damn he's good...

oh and btw, as Special teams player of the week, levingstin won.... however

"Honourable Mention
KR – Khalil Hill – Hamilton Tiger-Cats"

Khali's uncle Lonzell Hill played 4 years in the NFL as as a receiver
with the New Orleans Saints and also was a Hamilton Tiger Cat.

Glad he's gone. I don't care how good he or his family members are/were. The point is, he lacks discipline and we had enough of that under the Marshall Plan.
I'm not saying that someone else won't pick him up only to have him come back to burn us, but I am saying that he would have a terrible influence in the locker room.

100% WRONG. Lonzell is his BROTHER. Kahlil, Lonzell, and Hakim are brothers.

  1. 4 years in the N.F.L.-----------correct
  2. With the New Orleans Saints--correct
  3. He played for the Ticats-------correct
  4. Lonzell was Khalil's Uncle-----incorrect


lonzell was khalil's older brother

I think he should have been given a hefty fine, not released. Relegate him to just Kick Returns. I think he’s really exciting to watch.
I bet somebody will pick him up and we’ll be sorry.
I wonder how much Ron Lancaster had to do with the decision? He has poor communication with the players…and he has a habit of cutting good players…ie: RB Ronald Williams, LB Chris Shelling, etc…
Ron’s not even going to be the coach next year.

Well i thought Willaims and Shelling being released at the time were bad moves too but we were proven wrong when they showed no impact with another team . Thier time had come and gone and they were released .

The football ops have already said that Marcel has complete control over the football team.. NOT RON LANCASTER.

All good coaches cut good players, thats what happens when they have an attitude problem and think they're bigger than the team itself.

However blaming Lancaster is becoming the "cool thing to do" around here.


Yup, I wouldn't attribute this dismissal to Long Gone Ron. Ron is as good as out to pasture. Marcel is the teams "football mind" now. But Marcel likely ordered Ron to act as messenger and tell Hill to go home for an extra couple hundred hours sleep and try to show up at the employment office on Monday morning. Oh, and Ron obeyed.