Kackert leaves Argos practice - may miss Eastern Final

TSN is reporting that Chad Kackert left the Argo practice with an ankle injury today. Coach Milanovich is quoted as saying - "We don't think it was a minor injury," he said.


Hate to see players get hurt but if he is forced to miss the Eastern Final I like the Cats ' chances more with him out should we get by the Als on Sunday.

Norwood has been great. No big deal, imo.

Norwood has been good I agree - although Kackert is averaging almost a yard per rush more than Norwood. But that isn't so much the reason I think him missing may make a difference. I said that more because Kackert has had a knack of having huge games for the Argos in the playoffs. In last year's Eastern final he rushed for almost 140 yards and then combined for almost 200 yards rushing and receiving and was named MVP of their Grey Cup win.

Argos would be thrilled if Norwood comes even close to those kinds of numbers.

Let's get by Montreal first

No matter who wins this Sunday, we still want the A___s to lose the following Sunday, no?


We get past the ALS anything can happen BRING IT ON ! Able Gable 100yds Lets GO ! :rockin:

I HATE whatever team stands between us and the Grey Cup.

This week's #1 on the list are the dirty birds...

Kick some a** Cats!!


Amen to that.

Agree but for the record, I'm a huge Kackert fan but would rather him not suit up should we play the Argos in the EDF.

Not only is Kackert the best running back the Argos have, he's a better blocker. He buys Ray that extra second or two and picks up the blitz well too.

Today's Toronto Sun says he's gone for the year.

An Argo-Cat fan

I HATE the A____s and whatever team stands between us and the Grey Cup.