Kackert comes out of retirement, rejoins Argos

[u]'Kack' is Back: Argos add running back to practice roster[/u]

[b]TORONTO -- Chad Kackert's retirement and coaching career hasn't lasted long. Three months after announcing that he was retiring to join the Argos coaching staff, the speedy tailback has re-joined the club's practice roster.

An ankle injury during practice last season, forced the New Hamphire product to not only miss the playoffs but retire. He promptly took on the role of the Argonauts' Strength and Conditioning coach when training camp's opened in June.

Kackert, 27, worked to rehab his leg and hinted a few months back that he may not have closed the door on resuming his pro career.[/b]

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/kack-is-back-argos-add-running-back-to-practice-roster]http://www.cfl.ca/article/kack-is-back- ... ice-roster[/url]

I am unsure of what to make of this. I understand the desire to take a chance and play if you can, but with increased risk of permanent injury, combined with a possible decrease in ability, I just don't know if I am glad to see him try to play. At least he should have waited until next year. A player like him depends on ankle flexibility more than most. He just might not be the same to make the same moves, or even have the same speed. I wish him well, hope that my concerns are invalid, and look forward to hopefully more of the same old kackert :thup:

I always liked Klackert. Reminds me a bit of old Bill Symons. Hope he can do the Argos some good, without messing himself up. It's been a while since he's been in game shape.

Argos with Slaton and Steele are solid at rb unless Kackert brings that intangible "locker room" presence or whatever or maybe more some blocking. :?

Otherwise I don't see Kackert fitting in any more.

Blocking for Ricky Ray, maybe?

Just changed my post to reflect that Kenny.

Oops. Sorry I missed that Earl.

If kackert still has it, he will be an improvement and will fit in.


I think you are afraid of him :stuck_out_tongue:

Great news. I love Kackert. Fun to watch.

well as conditioning coach it put him in the training room everyday to rehab and keep in tip top shape. He knows the playbook and offensive schemes etc. I guess if he is really ready to go helping the Argos into the playoffs and a run to the Grey Cup then it is good for Argos. Slaton and Steele certainly have been solid duo but Kack had that certain something that made him special.

[u]Hard-luck Argo running back Chad Kackert hurt again[/u]

[b]- Kackert, who is trying to come back after retiring earlier this year, injured his leg on the final play at practice Tuesday at Downsview Park.

The Toronto Argonauts running back was carrying the ball through the line of scrimmage in a non-contact drill. When he made a sharp cut, his left leg buckled slightly. He tore off his helmet and flung it to the ground in an emotional outburst.
Kackert broke his left ankle last November and announced his retirement prior to the season when the injury didn’t heal as quickly as he would have liked.

He had been taking reps with the first team out of the backfield, and the Argos were holding out the possibility that he would make his 2014 debut against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on Friday at the Rogers Centre.
“I don’t know,? Milanovich said when asked about Kackert’s condition, adding that “he looked good? before the injury.[/b]

[url=http://www.thestar.com/sports/argos/2014/10/07/hardluck_argo_running_back_chad_kacker_hurt_again.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter]http://www.thestar.com/sports/argos/201 ... um=twitter[/url]

Too bad, I like Kackert and wish him the best but playing football at this point perhaps should be on the backburner for him.