Kacker Hurt Again !!

[url=http://t.thestar.com/#/article/sports/argos/2014/10/07/hardluck_argo_running_back_chad_kacker_hurt_again.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter]http://t.thestar.com/#/article/sports/a ... um=twitter[/url]

Certain injuries like ankles, foot, knees and joints take a beating in football, many players use braces or lots of tape to give added support but when a fracture or tear occurs the area effected is so much weaker and in many cases never properly recovers. I believe Chad Kacker has seen his day, although a short career, it sounds like his ankle injury will keep him out of the game and back to his career as a physical trainer for the Argo's.

its so true. as in all sports players are lucky if they can get past 3 years of employment without a serious injury