K-Max is signing off and is no longer on staff

That's because today is my last day working at the CFL Office. That means I'll be leaving the forums staff as well.

@MattL91 will be fully taking over effective today. I'm sure he'll have stuff to say in the days to come. Please direct all admin stuff to him, as if you direct stuff to me after now, it'll fall on deaf ears. Yah, really.

Happy trails to everyone and I hope you'll look forward to Canadian Football coming up this year.

Kaleem Maxwell (K-Max)


All the best K-Max.

Thank you for your time working on this forum, it made a big difference for the better


All the best to you, you can still visit this site. Looking forward to your posts.



All I have to say is that we're Really ,really ,really ,really ,really , really , really ,really , really ,really ,really ,really ,really ,really ,really ,really ,really ,really ,really ,really ,really ,really ,really ,really , really , really , really , really , really , really................going to miss you .




Right on

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All the best to you.


Hmmmm Imagine, :thinking:
Somebody not wanting to be the lead Mod on this site
It makes you wonder why???


It's because I was the lead developer the league office for almost five years and thought it was time for a change.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.


Just thought it might have been being a mod on a site,
that is 98% ,
know it all,
old men
may be somewhat frustrating! :rofl:


Nope. Just me retiring at age 41, you young fella you.


Well, though this sudden news struck me as awkward, as you explained it certainly does make sense so congratulations.

We do have a solid Council of Geezers here, of which I am an auxiliary member, but indeed I understand how some rants can be more challenging.

And otherwise it does appear that the lead proposition for new stadia is none other than those with a volcanic theme, so for sure we are headed to some strange places but hey pandemic and war and good hooch and/or herb to help some of us but I digress.

Much good was accomplished in a very short time it appears to me.

But now what? Will @sully show up for a cameo role?

I have this ominous and foreboding feeling again kind of like I get at times around my Great Uncle Ernst Blofeld.

Maybe even join the Council of Geezers as an auxiliary member in due time?

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We still miss him very very very very very much

Congratulations. Enjoy it

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Lucky; I should have saved more and spent a bit less on things like $10k bikes. :sweat:

I'm around, just super busy at my new place of work - the first year or two I try to fix everything all at once which tends to keep a person busy. I still have a CFL.ca e-mail address and can get in touch with league people if needed.


I hope it wasn't your agonizing decision to delete my extremely relevant 'dog humping scarecrow' gif upload that drove you to turn in your badge. Believe me, I KNOW how hard it is to erase works of genius and then live with myself afterwards. Why only yesterday I crumpled a piece of paper that contained two words that I'd written and the emotional trauma caused me to transplant a kidney into a patient who needed a liver. Luckily since I was only a janitor on that ward the whole incident was quickly forgotten.

Anyway enough about me. Thanks for putting up with us K-Max and happy trails. :smiley: :+1:


Well like many of us I am not sure either, but I do agree with you that you are a suspicious figure for these reasons too.

And how or why you as not a surgeon attempted organ surgery once on the job, well, that's quite a tale to indict you all the more.

Please deal with the emotional trauma accordingly by all means.

Yes it's true that sometimes we amaze ourselves and our friends, but then some of those times well, I suppose it's like picking a scab when you are in waters where sharks are known to lurk and you just could not help yourself now could you? I had swum regularly in the Gulf of Mexico, and the temptation and fear are real.

Much like my Great Uncle Ernst Blofeld, whom we work now to keep in the dark on this report by you or else because you know he does not tolerate failure at all, I figured that perhaps K-Max also was merely not amused by your depictions of attempted artistic poses in the woods.

Once you advertised your gallery and upcoming exhibition in such a manner, well perhaps somehow it set off an odd chain of events and it was all downhill from there?


So true. While I'm not a particularily good surgeon (since I've had no training whatsoever in the medical field), I am cheap. So if you need something lopped off at a bargain basement price... I'm your man.

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Ah, I see, you are a "hack man," one of THOSE guys. My Evil Family would approve. :worried:

I bet one of them is keeping up with you, for we are always searching for new, evil talent given all those who fail us.

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