Hey all

I decided to write this post to put a stop to this "so called" QB problem we have. I know that i have knocked Taman for not going after a good back-up (proven), but i have been thinking ... Tell me what you think?

a) looks like Banks is signing in the AFL or trying out for the NFL, he is officially off the BB'S Roster.

b) Khari Jones, was 3rd string in B.C and ended up being a great QB, for the first few season's, he came from the U.S as well with no CFL experience.

c) I can only say that 2 teams have a Proven Starter and that is B.C with DD and Edmonton with Ray.

Yes Ray has a bad season last year and DD is getting up with age. Some will argue that i should be including Cavillo and Allen, Calvillo is on the decline and is almost finished, Allen, same thing, even though they are both still reliable and can be effective..... But i would Rather Glenn because of his age and he still has an upside and i think he is ready to prove why he is #1 on the BB'S.

Last but not least ---- back-ups ----- look around the eague at the back-ups, it is week all around with the exception of B.C, yet that hasn't been proven. Pierce had a decent season in relief, but was it Luck? Could be.

Calgary has McManus - again up in age and lost alot

Edmonton has Johnson - who i think would be a greatback-up anywhere, yet hasn't seen the firld enough.

Riders have Crandell - reliable, won a Grey Cup but can still be inconsistant.

Argo's - Allen or Crouch?? Enough Said

Ti-Cats - Maas and butler (a great signing by the cats), but Butler is still unproven himself.

Montreal - Brady, Palmer, Green ... okay green has shown he can be good, but has shown more times that he is horrible, Palmer has never started a CFL game, so that leaves Brady i alway's liked brady, but again hasn't seen the field much.

Sorry this was so long, the point is we should'nt be too worried about our back-up QB situation YET.

see you all at the Stadium.

........reading between the lines ...blungold4evr...my overview of your post says a few things....NO. 1 ...and right now ,the Bombers need a credible back-up...i'm a little nervous about going into the o7 season with Glenn ...ALONE....as the main man....we might have to get through the year praying after every BIG hit that he gets up...and we're going to have to glue..and paste the guy back together to reach the playoffs...leaving the season hanging in the balance......something i don;t relish ...or think is warranted for the team or its fans...kinda leaves our bum blowing in the breeze ..'so to speak'...WE NEED a credible back-up....don't see it at present..

..another thing you point out...reading carefully through your post, is that the quarterbacking position in this league is
woefully inept....where the hell are the great backups that used to run two deep in the CFL clubs....GONZO.....which brings us to our present dilemma ....Don't know if Taman can perform a magic act on this one...but i hope the hell he leaves no rock unturned...MAYBE ...one of the current guys signed, Holland ETC. will surprise us....i sure as hell hope so.......hoping for the best...and Kevin has got himself pumped... :thup: :rockin:

We will see at least two more qbs in camp come early May once the NFL has passed on a few guys.

This is the 4th or is it 5th time ive had to post this...the bombers are very solid at backup and third string QBs, they have a rookie and some NFL guys going for #3 and Glenn at #2, we should be more worried about finding a starter. We are overloaded on DTs...BCs got DD and Buck, maybe a deal in the works...

LMAO you dont think KG's a starter? why not?

from the time when he became the starter, I havent been able to feel like wow this guy can really lead the team. If we had a Dave Dickenson kinda guy i would think that, but i get nervous everytime he drops back to pass. Kevin Interceptglenn is too young and i think he needs a few more years behind a glorified CFL starting QB to mentor him before he can improve to his full potential...at least if they could get like DAnny McM to back him up and help him develop...Not to mention he gets hurt every couple plays...

valid reason bomberboy. i think this year will be kevins year though. hes been getting better eac year, and now that he finally has more then one go to guy and an all tar caliber o-line..... hes gonna be able to do some damage. last year we were 9-5 with him at the helm, with out him..... 0-4. this year he should be able to stay healthy with this o-line and he actually has a recieving corps that can at least compare to the rest of the league.

im thinking he throws for 4500+ yards, between 25 and 30 tds and the team goes 12-6 if Glenn stays healthy this season.

oh another thing, when we had armstrong and milt, Glenn threw 6 tds....... 0 interceptions

Check this out I told u rohan Davey was a gem, but by the looks of it he will probably stay in the arena league...