K. Keith's faimly on the lookout for manure truck.

After two HUGE droped balls by K. Keith, the Keiths' are concerned for the safety of their front lawns.

Not anymore!

Dont you have burgers to flip or something?..btw what is a faimly?

Poor eskimos fan, has nothing better to than bash a team who is still in the playoffs... actually, the eskimos didnt even get to the playoffs so i dunno....

SASK. WON and KEITH scored the winning T.D.

Do they have any manure in CALGARY?

ee, isn't there oiler boards you can go to?

I don’t expect for a second we’ll see EE on here to man-up. An asinine comment like that reveals a lot about a person. It something you’d hear from a looser…oh wait a minute, the Esks ARE loosers!!!

The only "manure" we see is the stuff that comes from EE himself, and for further proof check out his "Stegall big baby" thread. I guess its tough for him to find ways to occupy his time.

Whatever, i guess we should cut EE some slack, actually on second thought, nevermind.

Looks like your statement was bit premature, EE. Right after he posted it, Keith got the 70 yard rush TD.

I posted this a little early. I should have known to wait till the fourth quarter but I couldn't resist.

You have to admit, Keith was playing like crap early in the game.

Anyway, the manure trucks will wait with engines idling, for now.

So what's your address?

Just kidding. I'll give you credit for coming back on here.

What's a looser? Something to remove a bolt or a screw?

Typo's are one thing, but a continuous inability to spell simple words...

Maybe Kanga is giving Grammar and spelling lessons on another web-site! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

DAMN!! You're right. This site really needs a spell check feature for people like me.

Another handy feature would be an @sshole blocker.

LOL! Ok. That was a good one.

Check your spelling, I believe it should be immature not premature.

Please, on behalf of the real Eskimo fans. Show some class or change your name.

But than you might not be able to post...


Yeah I guess I qualify for that :lol:

BTW, I just KNOW you didn’t mean to type “than”.