K. Keith

I find it very interesting that there is little discussion about K. Keith. Hurt first day of training camp.
Running game in jeopardy? Hmmmmmm no mention of his past or present injuries! Couldn't be injury prone? No not on this site.

nobody is worried about the running game because Caulley is still a threat to rush for a 100 yards any game, Tre Smith is a good backup, and he is being pushed pretty good by Deandra Cobb

I think you have to hang on to this guy for Trade bait alone...the D-Line is suspect at best and we have a plethora of capable running backs...Mid season trade if he gets healthy and the other three (or four) running backs can prove we don't need him.

Running game isnt in jeopardy, we have as much depth as anyone in the CFL... so most of us arent worried about the running game with Smith, Cobb and Caulley behind KK.

Hopefully he's good to go for July 1st like today's spec said, but if he isnt we'll be fine.

Capable running game? Not good enuf in the CFL! Can't set up the pass without a strong run game. Caulley and Smith not enuf! Can't trade Keith withh injuries and salary!!!

We all saw what having the #1 ranked rushing offense in the CFL did for us last year. Combine that with the presence of Caulley, Smith, and Cobb like another person mentioned, you don't really have a pressing issue in my opinion.

Plus, there are still capable, CFL experienced free agent running backs like A.J. Harris available. So I think the Tiger-Cats can afford to be a little patient.

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No one will ever trade for him with his salary but i wouldnt trade him anyways he is by far our best back and one of our only big play threats besides Rodriguez.

Why do people think that the Cats should trade at the first glint of having depth at a position? Keith is presently injured, so he can't be traded. Why should the Cats get rid of any more talent at running back than they absolutely have to by cuts?

The Cats led the league in rushing last season. There is no question that with a healthy Keith and a strong rotation of backs that the Cats can offset any loss in production from Jesse Lumsden's departure, IMHO.

Again, this mentality that Hamilton should be a feeder team for other teams to pluck talent must cease. In a cap age, you set your roster and develop what you have. In short, it's thinking like a winner and conducting one's football operations accordingly.

Oski Wee Wee,

Kenton Keith carried the ball 58 times for 204 yards and a 3.5 yard average in six games with the Ticats in 2008. He missed two games in 2008 due to injury.

Hopefully, the "extra NFL weight" he has shed during the off-season can help him return to being the feature back who had 334 carries for 2,074 yards and a 6.2 yard average for the Riders in 2006. It is a concern that he has missed the entire training camp and will miss both pre-season games this year. Coach Bellefeuille did say today that Keith has resumed running. Still, it may take him a game or two to get in sync with his teammates on the offensive unit.

The upside is that Terry Caulley seems to have recovered well from knee surgery and he has looked quick in the practices. Caulley can handle the first string running back duties, with some help from DeAndra Cobb, until Keith finds his form.

Jesse? Is that you?

I see where you found that stat (http://www.cfl.ca/statistics/league/stat/Rushing/year/2006/)... but unfortunately it's incorrect. Open the PDF instead of the html file, and you'll see that Keith had 1,037 yards that season. 2,074 would have been an all-time record, I think.

KK did post a 6.2 yard average that season. And back then, such a figure was almost unheard of over a full season. Dare I say it, a certain back with the initials JL made a 6+ yard average seem more routine (though never quite for a "full season").

Caully and Kieth have injuries , but the money is locked in with kieth so if he cant produce during the season he will be cut, same with caully, there are other Backs waiting a opportunity. IMHO Ticats will have a new star RB by the playoffs.

Only your third post in 8 mos. You must find it really interesting. :roll:

C'mon now Zontar, you should know by now it isn't about quantity it's about quality! :lol: :lol:

If Keith wasn't liked very much by Bellefuelle, he might be in jeopardy of being cut. The Ticats wanted KK to go through the full TC to get into game shape, but this nagging injury has prevented that. But KK is Marcel's guy, and even if Caulley and Cobb each run for 100 yards against TO tonight, I think KK will start next week if he's healthy.

Nagging knee injuries before the season starts isn't a good sign for these guys, hopefully it's not too serious that they can't perform at a high level.

I'm not worried about the running game at all. We have 4 or 5 guys that can easily get the job done. We should all worry about the 0-line and D-line. That's been our main problem the last few years.

I don't think there'll be anything to worry about if the D can do what they did against the Peg last week or even better. :cowboy: Also, Winnipeg has one of the premier front 7's in the league and the best they could do was get a hand on Glenn's shoulder. I think our O-line is good too. Specially since Gauthier will be filling in where Rottier left off last week.

I'm not worried if Keith doesn't play. Caulley has carried this running game for two years now. When will they realize that he is the starting running back on this team?

Our starting RB's always get injured, so I for one hope he will never be a starter :lol: