Lately on these forums it seems like people are making posts talking about Kenton Keith as our featured running back, and Cobb doing special teams along with back-up running back.

Does anyone even know the status of Keith? Is he even healthy enough to take on full time carries for this team after missing the entire 2009 season?
I think we just need to keep Cobb as our #1 RB, bring Keith into training camp see how he performs (if he can even stay healthy) re-negotiate his contract and maybe keep him as a situational running back and go find a kick returner.

Just my 2 cents.

IMO Keith’s done with football.If he wants to try somewhere else, I say let him.His contract isn’t worth the little amount he plays.However, I do have a feeling we’ll at least see him at TC since Obie and MB are very high on him.

Cobb has earned himself into being a fan favourite when he arrived as an unknown in these parts.....that's huge in my opinion. He has performed brilliantly and will probably steadily improve even more as time goes on and he learns the Canadian game. It's still hard to believe how well he did in his first year's experience with Canadian football.

And besides, we needed a good excuse to sell fresh, hot and buttery corn on the cob in the stadium........and the "cob heads" fans are wearing......... :lol:

I don’t think Cobb is good enough to be the starting RB for this team. If he’s our feature back we at least need to bring in a short-yardage specialist, because Cobb is BRUTAL in that regard.

Cobb did a great job last season and is a good RB for sure. IMO though, when healthy, Keith is as good as it gets in the CFL!

I Conquer. :thup:

Kenton Keith was close to 100% healthy by the end of last season.

Maybe he will be luckier than Nick Setta was
and get a chance to come to training camp

and show how well he can play
in a couple of exhibition games

but his big salary might stand in the way
of that happening for him, as well.

veni, vidi, vici?

KK has not really played in 2 years and Cob has proven he is a feature back. Its a done deal IMO

Beat me to it! :lol:

There are a couple of backs available as FA.
Robertson from Toronto and Wes Cates from Sask.
Either could be had for less than KK and they might be a better fit.

I think the old clock is ticking on KKs time in the Steel City!

IMO Cobb has earned the starters position. KK needs to be the best back in camp and even then would likely have to settle for 1B status. His is a contract I'd like to rid the team of to make cap space elsewhere. The strongest position on the team last year was RB and that was without KK

I'd take Cobb over either Robertson or Cates. There's no need to go fishing when you've got the trophy fish at home.

I'd say let Keith and Cobb battle it out in training camp for the starter's job. However, I think Cobb will take it. If Keith was actually injured all year then I don't think there's much chance for a RB to bounce back from an injury like that and become an elite back again. If he wasn't injured the whole time then the coaching staff has already made their decision.

We've got a good young RB on his way to becoming great. Now is no time to look back.

All 3 Backs KK Robertson or Cates. all had Injuries last year.
so your taking a Chance on any of them ..
Only Difference is KK is under Contract here.
Cobb Prove he could stay healthy a Full Season.
Somthing The Ticats have had Issues with at RB ..

Cobb is Starter till someone Proves they are better .
Better is better as Obie Says.
For that to happen
they have to Impress the Coaches in Camp
Make the Roster
Then Say Healthy and Stay on top
Get hurt and you could be on the Bench Quickly
Maybe even see a Pink Slip in your locker Stall.

For now let see what Obie has up his Sleeve
Sit back and Enjoy his work..

I don’t think Cobb is better than Robertson. Robertson played behind the worst line on the worst team in the league and he still managed 1000 yards.

Keep in mind that this is the first year he's been back in football in a few years. I think we're fine with Cobb.

I think we could possibly unload Keith to Edmonton for one of their DB's.They've got all the DB's they need and then some, but are a little thin at RB, we have all the RB's we need but are a little thin at DB.Keith can probably still dominate.

Edmonton isn't trading a DB. They just traded a great receiver to GET a DB.

My concern with Cobb is his ability to get the tough yards up the middle.

He is awesome running off tackle or around the ends but he's not good enough running straight ahead.

KK is more of a complete back. Cobb has some troubles catching balls and ended up wearing gloves at the end of the year.

In the CFL you need multiple talented running backs.

I say you keep both and play them both. Come November, you want 2 fresh backs and not 1 over used back.

He was a rookie. Its tough to play 16 pro games in 18 weeks when you've been out of football for a while. He will be much stronger this year.