K.Jones as head coach?

Do you think it would be a good idea? Does he have experiance? I think he be better than daily at it.

hell ne1 is better then daily he knows the way the offense was run and he does have experience hell give it a shot

He got 2nd place in 2003 in the toughest west division to date and he beat the Riders 2 outta 3 games that year. Khari Jones for head coach of the Bombers!

.......if you want another losing season, yeah I would say fire Dailey and hire Khari. But I stand by the fact that I think both people are football illiterate.

I thought you guys ran Khari out of town?

maybe OC and hire a new Head coach.......( when Milt retires i want him as our HC...)

I think that if he wuld be interested would make an awesome coach, 100% better then the "hack" Khari....was never too fond of him at all.

Finally, the players are starting to speak out........quote from Lamar McGriggs (we cant just be doing the same scheme over and over again, weve got to mix it up)........quote from Doug Brown (I dont know if its a fundamental or a scheme thing or were just not focused enough out there)...........for the first time this year we are starting to hear desent from the leaders on the team about the coaching........Daleys days are numbered........Chris Walby for the next head coach of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Dunigan as the new OC and Doug Brown retires to take over as DC............long live the Blue & Gold..........

Maybe K.Jones can take Walby's job as a commentator then.

Wow. people in CFL must really love Khari Jones. He has been given multiple shots with multiple teams and now there is talk of him being a head coach? Holy Smokes. Then if he dont get the coaching job you want him as a commentator. Talk about love.

HEY KHARI !!!!!!!!!! IF YOU'RE OUT THERE, DONT WORRY IF YOU ARE UNEMPLOYED MUCH LONGER I THINK THE FANS WILL START A SAVE KHARI JONES FUND. I dont mind the guy. The fact that no QB this year was very good with hamilton this year shows that Khari may not have been to blame for his poor showing.

just watch how Khari handles himself on and off the field and then you would know why people in the Peg. like the guy....maybe his playing days are through....and that would have been the only reason the fans soured on him....but as far as respect and a class act....he's one of a kind...come back to the Peg. Khari.....the team needs you in a different kind of way now.... :!:

You forgot...Fire Taman too Piggy!

Two reasons

Arland Bruce
Geroy Simon

....Sportsmen....you can add Brian Clarke to that list of reasons......that's a lot of talent out the window.... :roll:


Bingo papa.....we have never recovered from that loss at LB.....Taman needs to look for a dominant middle LB and I bet the rest of the pieces fall into place.......Malbrough and Hall are good additions to the DB and our young guys like Samuels will start to mature next year....LB is what we really need now.

I think you are hearing these things for these particular players because they will not be on the team next year. I heard on the sports news this morning that many veterans are on their way out neext year and a youth movement will be in place. The two you mentioned are ones that need to fear for their jobs. Dunigan as an OC would be good I think he did some good things in Calgary with lots of interferance from side show Fetrik!

don't forget with any of these guys - jones, stegall, etc., there will be a learning curve and i don't think bomber fans are in the mood to go thru another season where a new coach is trying to determine their coaching philosophy! ... at least i don't. i think stegall would make an awesome OC, just his drive, enthusiasm and passion, not to mention his knowledge and experience, would make him great!

..... but realistically, if we want to have any chance of the play-offs and a cup run, i think we need a coach with some experience - Austin maybe? I'm sure Dunigan learned a lot last year and has already more or less gone thru the initial learning curve, both as coach and gm - i'd give him a shot. i loved him when he played and i think he got a bit of a "raw" deal in cowtown and was put into a situation "way over his head"!

i liked jones until last year. he never seemed the same after his shoulder injury. i still think he has a lot to offer a team, just not not sure it's as a starter anymore. u just don't go from mvp to bum in 1 year! anyways, that's my 2 cents!!!

realistically, what big name coaches, if any, might be available in the off-season?????