K.J. anyone????

Hard to believe a quarterback two years removed from a grey cup win is unemployed. Is nobody willing to take Joseph on ... even in a backup role? Can a guy really lose #1 status that quickly when the majority seem to believe bad coaching was the main reason for his recent decline? And how about Pickett? Did anyone see anything good in him despite the Andrus Gong Show? Thoughts...?

From some of the comments I've read here, not too many people think Pickett was good. :lol: The thing you have to remember about Joseph is he turns 37 in October. He's getting up there in age.

I need some help with some drywall work. Is he still available?

With Joseph it may be more about age now. As for Pickett, obviously Montreal must have seen something or they wouldn't have signed him.

I completely forgot Montreal signed him. Why did they? You'd think they'd be set with AC and McPherson. And all the trade stuff with McPherson has all but died, so...

KJ is done, with overall an average career with the topper being an MOP season and the GC.

Likely Pickett won't be more than a training camp body to push Chris Leak a little. I seriously doubt that McPherson's spot is in any kind of jeopardy. The org has spent two years developing Adrian and isn't going to throw that time away for an Argo reject.

yup. thats average alright.

Who has any room for him? Edmonton?

Yeah, but this is coming from the guy who thinks Michael Bishop could lead the Argos to the playoffs. :lol:

Montreal in the past has spent as much or more time developing other QBs who they've let go when they felt those behind them were better. The fact they've been developing McPherson for a couple of seasons doesn't mean he's safe. I'm not saying that Pickett or Leak are going to displace him, just that he isn't guaranteed anything.

The key differences between McPherson and the Ted Whites of the past:

[ol]- Trestman and Milanovich weren't in charge of the offense in the past.

  • None of those scrubs saw any meaningful game time. Adrian, by contrast, is the established short-yardage QB. He also finished up one game for a win and started another game with Calvillo out of the lineup.[/ol]

Furthermore, I never guaranteed McPherson anything. But I'd be shocked if he lost his spot to Pickett. Heck, I'd be surprised if he lost his spot to Leak. A QB with a physical package like Adrian isn't going to be tossed on the scrap heap just because we signed an average QB on a terrible Toronto team.


There's nothing really wrong with tom's statement.

Yes, KJ had ONE season where he won both MOP and a Grey Cup.

But, other than that one season (and let's face it, he didn't play very well in the Grey Cup, Winnipeg could very well have won if they didn't have to start a kid who had hardly played all year at QB), his career was basically an average to mediocre one for a CFL starting QB. So I'd agree that, overall, his career was average.

Average, sure, but a hell of a lot better than Bishop's!

No argument from me on THAT point.

Wash out your mouth with soap !

That's your opinion and some others as well, conversely some of us believe otherwise.

Yes another opinion of yours which has no basis of fact.
I would take this bet any day of the week of which QB of the two would do better.
KJ clearly was done the last two years, while at least Bishop without a training camp gets dropped zone into a crazy situation with a crazy coach and still manages to lead the Bombers into the playoffs.
So your theory clearly has holes.

It's not an opinion. Joseph = MOP/Grey Cup; Bishop = zip. End of debate. :lol: