K. Herbart has to go

let's face it fellow bomber fans, since he has been on this team, that's when things started going bad for us, like I said they would.

KK you really should learn to spell the names of the players you are talking about

TELL ME ABOUT IT... :wink:

Ya stupid "Herbart" injured Stegall and Glenn

What already? I thought this guy could walk on water! Just maybe he is the unlucky one! :lol:

he didn't, but don't you think there is some kind of reason why he now plays with the team after coming in when we are winning, then all of a sudden we are in this lose pattern?

kyries is the best safety on the bombers roster. That guy hasnt blown any big touchdown 100 yard passes he shouldve had and is tough and speedy. Not to mention hes a beast on special teams. Go ahead and can Hebart. Keep Hebert.