K. Glenn set to become a Tabbie

Folks, in my recollection, Glenn has basically MADE his CFL career against us...he has looked GREAT playing us and average to lousy against everybody else. Why would we want him, especially if we are giving up Cedric for him (and I agree..if OBIE does that, we go medieval on him!).

And if we end up shipping 'Peg's 1st round pick back, that makes it a Moreno-for-Glenn trade, which in my mind makes it even worse...I think the comparison of LeFlor's trade is a good one...Glenn ended up a co-number 1 QB (at best) by the end of the season, so why do we send one of our best defensive players for him? He was a big reason for their offensive struggles...except against us, of course.

So if he plays for us, he can't throw against OUR defence...what good is he? I'd rather have CP1 at a reduced rate playing with a decent O-line.

i don't know why we'd do this.
glenn is going to be released eventually (if they can't make a trade), and we're first on the waiver wire. we can get him for free.
i wouldn't give a starter or a first or second rounder for him. pick him up for free, if you feel you really must have him. all this talk about gagner-marcoux, bekasiak, rempel, dyakowski is ridiculous. and giving back the first rounder from the moreno trade (if you believe the winnipeg boards ...) is nonsense.
kevin glenn has almost no value after what his new coach has been saying! obie, put down the phone and walk away from your desk ... go for a reallllllly long lunch!

I agree.

The only way I would deal with Winnipeg is if it involved a draft pick or a backup being sent their way.

8) It is obvious that the Cats want rid of Printers foremost, and that if we get Glenn, he will be the backup to Porter. Putting all your faith in Porter at this point in time is a very big risk, and as mentioned above, you better have a capable, experienced QB to come in if Porter falters.
 It looks pretty obvious that Marcel and Obie have already made up their mind with regards to Williams being with this team this year.  I don't think they have too much faith in him.

 Porter, Glenn and Tafralis seem to be the odds on favourite as being our QBs this year  !!

 Lets just hope that if that is the case, everything goes smoothly  !!!           <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Condemning a trade that hasnt even happened yet? :roll:

Who says its just Glenn coming this way?

I know its hard but pls. postpone the negativity for now.

This is a lot of 'smoke and mirrors'

When the smoke clears hopefully we'll have Casey on
a significantly lower contract sooner rather than later

If not soon through this tango with Kevin Glenn
then, at least, by the CFL season's opener.

Glenn makes 250k + That is more then Jarius Jackson, Buck Pierce, Kevin Durant. All who had a better season then Glenn. Glenn isn't "cheap" by any means.

As far as who's available it depends on what your criterias are and how you value Glenn.

Glenn ended his season as the backup to Dinwiddie who couldn't make it as 3rd QB in Montreal when Ted White was around...

Talking reality not hypotheticals.

Exactly how are those QBs readily available??
How many games has Durant started and won compared to Glenn to show himself better?

If you're going to dream and wave a magic wand for a QB then EDM would consider a trade for Ricky Ray . Let's do it. Heck, lets call MTL to get AC :roll:

Glenn has the most expereince and the most career success of any QB that's readily available right now that's why he is being persued.

Wise words. If I was Obie, I'd sure be holding out for more than just Glenn. Kelly is desperate to move him, having publicly declared he's going to be traded, and of course he's facing that bonus that is coming due. I'd hold the gun to his head and say I'll sign Glenn when you release him since I have first dibs...........if you want me to take him off your hands now in a trade, better give me someone else in addition to Glenn............or a draft pick or two plus Glenn................

Ok....I don't know Kelly but from what I've read and seen of him in the last six weeks. I don't think you can count on this guy's to grasp much that is "real". Maybe Ticats get their revenge and take him to the cleaners...

I'm with you on that HfxTC; so far Kelly strikes me as a loose cannon with a big mouth and big ego......does he have what it takes to back it all up? Time will tell.

Werner Syndrome…Its not his fault :frowning:

Also known as “Little Bald Man Syndrome”

Or who was that crazy wild head coach that Winnipeg had?
Was it Reinhold or something.
Short guy, dyed hair....sounds slike the same thing is shaping up!!

Jeff Reinebold.

That is a concern by many fans in Winnipeg.

both those scenarios are horrible, i wouldn't give up one first round pick not to mention 2 early ones. and cedric is a starting canadian offensive lineman,

please obie, i beg you, do not get ripped off by the bombers again.

All the Glenn haters need to wake up and smell the reality. He had 1 bad season and everyone thinks he sucks. Even though he didn't play in the 07 Grey Cup he certainly got his team there. Glenn has some very good numbers to back him up. Don't let one bad year ruin a mans whole career.

If Printers is indeed going to be gone then this team needs someone thats a vet and can provide guidance to the other QB's. Plus Glenn is much less of a locker room cancer than Printers. Glenn is much more level headed. As long as we get him for less than 150K its worth it!

Richie Williams has not done the job as a back-up ... plain and simple.

I feel more comfortable with Glenn as a back-up ... plain and simple.

Well there you have it!!!

Git'er dun Bob